YouTube TV got Account Switcher as Who’s Watching Selection

Unlike mobile apps, TV apps are not that comfortable when controlled. You can easily switch between the different accounts on mobile with a swipe. But, In TV devices, switching between the versions is not that smooth. Since every home nowadays has Smart TVs, the developers’ responsibility is to make their apps comfortable with all the devices. YouTube TV is slowly becoming an alternative to regular Cable TV. Google tries its best to provide useful features to users. Now, YouTube TV got Account Switcher as Who’s Watching Selection.
YouTube TV Account Selection

YouTube TV got Account Switcher.

YouTube TV users running the application on their TV will see the new account selector screen. It’s the same as account pickers that most streaming services use. It’ll inquire, “Who’s watching?” and then give you the list of accounts you can pick from and an option to add. This is an easier way to allow household members to watch YouTube TV using their accounts rather than sharing one account.

YouTube TV Who Watching Screen

How do I switch accounts?

As you’ve already added a few accounts, and they each have their histories and views after the update, the app will prompt you each time to select an account you have chosen by default.

  • If the account is active, you can click to continue.
  • When your account isn’t active, you can click Add Account and enter your Google Account details to proceed.

How do you disable Who’s Watching in the YouTube TV app?

Suppose you’re sharing your account with multiple users in the same household. If you are using only one account at a time, it could seem like an unnecessary step when opening the app. So if you’re thinking about it, you can disable it by going into the “Settings” menu right beneath the account selection.

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You can deactivate your account chooser by selecting the settings under”who’s watching” on the “who’s watching” screen.

Wrap Up

Minor features and tweaks are the ones that make users comfortable with any app. When a developer doesn’t notice or provide challenging real-time solutions, people will slowly move to alternate platforms when they find the features available there. Users can go to the account selection for the switching process, But When you have a different account set up for family members and want to get the unique video suggestions and experience, selecting one step while booting the app is not a complex process. Did you get the Account Switcher in your YouTube TV App? How is it? Share your thoughts below.

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