Fix Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G SM-T866N/SM-T865/N Bluetooth Pairing and Not Detecting issues

Many Network technologies come and fade in the long term. But from the early mobile stage, Bluetooth stands alone as a must need connection for decades. Due to its flexibility and stability, most companies always use this connection. It is not limited to only mobiles. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 comes with Bluetooth 5.0, and it can connect with any other device without issues. But when you face frequent drop or connectivity issues, you can fix your mobile using one of the below methods. The list includes Basic Speakers to Cars. Always check the device you are trying to connect is working correctly.
samsung galaxy tab s6 labtop mode

Even if it doesn’t have apt-X HD, You won’t notice any lag. But when you face any issues when connecting your mobile Bluetooth to other devices, you can fix your mobile using one of the below methods.

Reasons for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G SM-T866N/SM-T865/N Bluetooth connectivity issues

These reasons will give you an idea of how Bluetooth works and its criteria for making the connection. So, based on the issue reasons, you can try the exact solution instead of trying all.

Version Compatibility

Bluetooth devices are backward compatible. Even if you have the latest version, 5.0 and above, It can connect with the older versions like 4.0 and 2.1. In a rare situation, old devices like featured phones may not connect with your new mobile. Unless your mobile is too old, you don’t have to worry about the version. You can quickly get the version info in the specifications of your device information.

Bluetooth Range

Even if you have the latest version, When your destination device has an old version, it has limited range capacity. So, try to connect in close range. The range depends on the Class of Bluetooth. But, In the theoretical stage, we can approximately tell that Version 2.1, 4.0 can make connections up to 100 meters. Where 5.0 can go up to 400 meters. In real life, 2.1 and 4.0 can connect devices within 5-25 meters, whereas the 5.0 version can connect with the device within 50 meters seamlessly. This range is for mobiles without barriers. If there are many barriers, the coverage area may affect. When you consider high-performing devices, the content may vary.

Poor Hardware

Yes, Not all devices use genuine internal parts. The performance of the same Bluetooth version with Reputed manufacturers and low-budget variant devices may vary. Example- You have Bluetooth 4.1 on popular mobile devices, and the same version low-budget Bluetooth speaker may not give you a wide coverage area.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Fix Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G SM-T866N/SM-T865/N Bluetooth issues

You can resolve most of the Bluetooth issues unless the hardware fails. I will start from the entry-level fix to advanced techniques. Start when it does not work, then you can move to other steps. Below I will mention the Android mobiles and Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth devices can be headphones, Speakers, TVs, PCs, USB keyboards, and Mouse and Game controllers. The fix steps will work on all devices when you connect the particular device with Android mobile.

1. Restart both Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G Mobile and Bluetooth devices

This step may look simple. If you have the experience, you will agree. There may be some glitches or software issues that can happen. But, You can resolve most of the electronic problems by a restart. So, By Restarting your mobile and the Bluetooth device, you can fix the problem. This method may work when you suddenly face challenges in regular working devices.

2. Check Bluetooth Power on Both devices

It is a necessary step. When one of the device’s Bluetooth is off stage, and you didn’t notice, you try other methods, and none of them will work. So, First of all, check the Bluetooth status on both devices.

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Bluetooth Turn on Android

  • In Android Mobiles, you can check this in a notification or  Go to Settings> Connected devices> Bluetooth>Turn on and allow the Discoverable option.
  • For other devices like Bluetooth headphones, press the power button for a few seconds. You can check the status by the LED indicator provided on the mobile.

When you are confident about the power source, move to the below steps.

3. Remove/Forget and Pair again with saved Bluetooth devices

Sometimes the paired Bluetooth devices may not connect again. It can happen due to you changing the name of the mobile. So, based on the device type, unpair/remove the particular device from your Android mobile and try to pair it again. To do this, follow the below steps.

Forget Bluetooth device Android

  • Go to Settings> Connected devices> Bluetooth> Select the gear icon or more options near the already paired devices. Select Remove/Forget.
  • After Forgetting the connected device, Turn on Bluetooth on both and try to pair again.

4. Check connection with other Bluetooth devices

Check with other Bluetooth devices when you can’t connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G with a particular device. By doing this, we can discover whether our mobile has issues or the device is. When there is no issue with your mobile, the connecting device probably has problems. Also, Do this with the method as an alternative. Connect a particular device with other mobiles. There is a chance that sometimes, both devices independently work great. But, If you try to pair one with others, you may face issues. It may be due to the version or pair issue. In that situation, try to unpair and pair again.

5. Check compatibility between the devices

Bluetooth connection devices

Most Bluetooth connection equipment will work with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G. But, Not all will work. Sometimes, devices like Keyboards, mice, and Game controllers may not work. So, Check the manual before connecting.

6. Activate supportive Bluetooth Codecs in your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G

If your Android device runs on the Android Oreo (8.0 or 8.1) OS system or any of the later versions, it supports aptX HD, and you can activate it quite easily. Remember, your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G mobile and Audio devices should keep the same technology.

Available Bluetooth Codecs Android Mobiles

  • Turn on Bluetooth and connect the device with your mobile.
  • On your Android Device, open the Settings page and scroll to the “About Phone” option or “About Device” option, depending on the one you see.
  • When you open the About page, look out for Build Number; if you didn’t see it, look for Software Information and tap on it.
  • Tap on the ” Build Number ” option seven times when you see the “Build Number” option. You will see a notification that reads, “you are now a developer.”
  • Go back to the Settings main page and look for “Developer Options.” Tap on the option and then tap on “Audio Codec.” You should see the list of all codecs supported on your device – most apparently, you’d also find aptX HD in the list.
  • From the list of codecs available/supported on your device, tap on aptX HD to activate it. Once activated, if you have an aptX HD-enabled Bluetooth device, you will be able to enjoy 24-bit audio when you stream from your device.

If your device does not support aptX HD, you can choose LDAC or AAC – they are still suitable codecs that transmit good audio quality.

7. Clear Cache and Data in Bluetooth App

Bluetooth connection happens via a system In-Built app. There is a chance of a Bluetooth address registered on your mobile. As a result, you can’t connect the device again. We can pair the device with a fresh start by removing Data and Cache. Even if we Remove the paired device, follow the below steps to remove Cache data in Bluetooth.

Clear Cache Data in Bluetooth App Android

  • Turn off Bluetooth.
  • Go to Settings> Applications> More> Show System Apps> Select Bluetooth Share. If you didn’t enable the System apps, You can’t find the Bluetooth app. Don’t change other app settings. It may affect your mobile.
  • After selecting the Bluetooth Share app, Go to Storage and Clear cache and data. Turn on Bluetooth again and try to pair it with the device. It will not affect your mobile. But, When you get the Unfortunately app stopped working, you can fix the issue.

8. Install the latest software

You may need to check out a newer software update available for your device. The bug is likely causing your device connectivity issues, and there may be a fix in a newer software version, thus upgrading to your device’s most recent version. To check out this, follow the steps below.

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checking software update android

  • Go to your mobile device settings.

  • Scroll down to the About Section and click on the “Software update” option

  • Tap the “Download and install” option

  • Wait for the search to complete to see if any new updates are available.

  • If there’s an updated version, click on the download option to update your device software.

However, kindly try other solutions below if this method doesn’t work.

9. Try with Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G Safe Mode

We can do a lot of things in Safe mode. When you find your mobile is usually working up, you can boot into safe mode and debug the issues. It will remove the third-party app’s influence over System apps. Based on the manufacturers, the method to boot into safe mode differs. 

samsung galaxy tab s6 5g safe mode

In Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G, Long press the power button and select boot into safe mode. In Samsung mobiles, Switch off your mobile. Press the power button when the Samsung logo appears, release the power button and press the Volume Up button. After booting into safe mode, try to pair again. When you can connect successfully, check with the recently installed apps.

10. Change Bluetooth AVRCP protocol Version

AVRCP is an Audio/Video Remote Control Profile. It is always set up based on mobile default. But sometimes, by changing the version, we can rectify the issue. To do this, you have to enable the Developer Options. After enabling Developer options, follow the below steps.

Change Bluetooth AVRCP version Android

  • Enable Developer Options. To do this, go to settings >>> about >>> Tap on the “Build Number” 7-10 times consistently to enable “Developer Options.”
  • Then go to the Settings>System>Advanced>Developer Options and choose the “AVRCP version.”
  • You will get the versions based on your mobile; try different versions. One of the AVRCP versions must work with the other Bluetooth device.

11. Change the limit of Bluetooth Connectivity devices

You can limit the number of devices that connect with your Android mobile. In most mobiles, it is always set to high value. But, some manufacturers determine this value to save the battery. You may wonder, I connect only one device; what the issue is? Sometimes the mobile itself considers one device. Your fit devices may always connect with your mobile. So, By maximizing the value, we can resolve the problem. When you have Fit devices like Fitbit, you can stream Spotify.

Change Bluetooth Maximum Connectivity Android

  • Enable Developer Options. To do this, go to settings >>> about >>> Tap on the “Build Number” 7-10 times consistently to enable “Developer Options.”
  • Then go to the Settings>System>Advanced>Developer Options and choose the “Maximum connected Bluetooth.”
  • You will get the numbers based on your mobile; choose the maximum value. After the setting, try to connect your device.

12. Check Bluetooth hardware status

Test Your Android App Screenshots

In rare situations, your Bluetooth hardware may fail. To test Bluetooth hardware, you can use any hardware test app. Here I am using the Test Your Android app. After the installation, Go to Device Information and select Bluetooth. If the app can connect to Bluetooth, you are good to go. When you face issues, There may be a chance of hardware failure. Contact your nearby mobile service center.

13. Fix firmware using Samsung SmartSwitch

Compared with other manufacturers, Samsung SmartSwitch is an excellent PC suite that can help you in many situations. When you already Backup using SmartSwitch, your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G is stuck at the boot logo. We can Flash the firmware using SmartSwitch to back up all the same software. So, The chance for data loss is less. When you don’t have a backup, this method will not help you. You can move differently.

Samsung SmartSwitch Connect Mobile screen

  • Download and Install Samsung SmartSwitch Windows/Mac version.

Device Driver Installation Samsung SmartSwitch

  • Install Device Driver from the More option in the connect screen.

13.1 Restore mobile Using Emergency Recovery

samsung galaxy tab s6 5g download mode

  • Put your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G mobile to download mode by pressing Volume Down+ Power Button. Then, connect your mobile with your PC using a USB Cable.

Emergency Software Recovery Samsung

  • After connecting the mobile with the PC, Select “Emergency Software Recovery.” When you get the mobile in the list, proceed with the steps. Your stuck boot logo will repair in this process. Move to the below method when you didn’t get the list mobile and have a mobile backup using SmartSwitch.

13.2 When You have SmartSwitch Backup

The backup method will help you when you have backup data using SmartSwitch. Remember, when you don’t have a backup, You will lose your data.

  • Put your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G mobile to download mode by pressing Volume Down+ Power Button. Then, connect your mobile with your PC using a USB Cable.
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Device Installation Samsung SmartSwitch

  • After connecting the mobile with the PC, Select “Emergency Software Recovery.” Then in another tab, choose “Device Installation.” Finally, type your mobile model number and S/N. We can find the name and value of S/N on mobile phone backside stickers with IMEI or in the retail box.

S/N Number in Mobile

  • It will automatically detect the latest software version and update it.
  • After the successful update, restart your mobile and set up everything with the same Google Account.

Restore Data Samsung SmartSwitch

  • Now relaunch SmartSwitch and Choose Restore. Allow necessary permissions on your mobile. Finally, select your backup data and restore it to your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G mobile.

14. Reset Your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G Mobile

It should be your final choice. When you are confident, there are no hardware issues, have tried all methods, and can’t connect with the other Bluetooth devices; You can do this Reset process.

Factory Reset Android Mobile

Take complBackupckup on your mobile. You can do a soft reset or hard reset. To Reset your mobile, Go to settings> System>Reset Options> Reset app preferences/ Factory Reset.

  • Soft Reset/App Preference Reset– This option will remove all the custom settings we made and return to the default settings. It will not delete user data.
  • Hard Reset/Factory Reset– It will remove all user data. Your mobile OS will become new, like when you purchased it, and you have to set up everything from the beginning.

Initially, start with the Soft Reset. When you can’t connect again, You can do the Hard reset.

Stock Recovery method

Samsung Galaxy A50s Stock Recovery

  • Switch off your device. It will boot your mobile into Recovery mode. To do this, press and hold down the Volume Up + Power buttons simultaneously for some time. Then, enter into the Stock Recovery mode.
  • If you don’t use Rooted mobiles, you have Stock Recovery, which your official mobile manufacturer provides most of the time. If you have stock recovery, you have the direct option of “Wipe Data/Factory Reset.” Navigate to this option and confirm it using the power key button. Remember, It will delete your entire mobile data. Backupckup first before the process.

TWRP Recovery method

When using Rooted mobiles, you either use Stock Recovery or TWRP custom recovery. If you have Stock Recovery, you can use the above process. When you install TWRP on your mobile, follow the steps below.

Wipe Data in TWRP

  • The Keycombinations will boot your mobile into TWRP Recovery mode.
  • On the Home screen, you can find the option “Wipe.” Select the wipe option; you will receive further details. Select “Dalvik, Data, and Internal Storage.” Don’t select the System, and it will wipe your OS. After selecting other choices, swipe to erase the data. When the process completes, return to home and boot into OS.

15. Flash Complete Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G Firmware using ODIN

We are going full flash firmware in your boot logo stuck Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G mobile in this method. It is a Data loss process. So when you don’t have any choice, and none of the above methods don’t work for you, you can use them. Refer- Flash Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Firmware using ODIN.

Wrap Up

We are ahead in most of the technologies. But When it comes to the connection between cross-platform devices, Bluetooth is the only choice that works well. Yes, there are other technologies like Wi-Fi Direct. But, You need a third device Internet connection for that. A Bluetooth connection is an excellent affordable choice for the transmitter and receiver. It would help if you always were careful when third-party apps ask you for hardware-level permissions like location and connectivity. As I mentioned earlier, unless you have a hardware failure, we can resolve any issues with the Bluetooth connection. Did you fix your Bluetooth problem on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 4G/5G? Comment below.

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