Ten Ways to Fix “Unfortunately App has stopped” in Android Mobiles

Even if you have PC level hardware in your Android mobiles, You have to deal with software UI. Giant manufacturers do not develop all software, so some apps may not work as expected. Sometimes Big company apps also not work as expected. The standard error happens in all Android mobiles when using apps is “Unfortunately App has stopped” or “Unfortunately App stopped working.” Both indications means, you are out of the app and can’t use the app at that time. You may wonder I have a Flagship mobile. Why is it happening?. Like PC, It is a Software issue, Don’t hit your mobile. Fortunately, we can fix these issues. Follow below one of the methods to resolve the error. Sometimes, you have to follow multiple processes when you can’t fix the problem.
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Most of the apps have recovery options when they encounter this error. When you open the app again, It will ask for the “Restore” option to get the previous works. But, not all the apps have this feature. So, it happens frequently your daily work will affect.

How this “Unfortunately App has Stopped” Error will look like

When you open any app or you when you are using the app, suddenly, this error pop up in your mobile, and you will be kicked out of the app. It can happen rarely, or every time you open the app.

Unfortunately App has stopped notification

The notification happens in one app, or it can spread to other apps. Based on the response, we have to follow one of the methods below.

Solve and Repair “Unfortunately App stopped working” and “Unfortunately android.process has stopped” Errors in Android Mobiles

As I mentioned earlier, the error can happen by various factors. I will start at Level 1. If you can’t fix the issue, You should go one by one. These methods can use for both the app and process errors.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

1. Check App compatibility

When you download the apps from third-party sites other than Play Store, the chance of compatibility issues is high. Pay Store always filters out the in-compatibility apps from the list when you search for the apps within your mobile. To check the app is compatible or not, follow the steps below.

Your device isn't compatible with this version

  • Open Play Store app. Search for your favorite app.
  • You will receive a lot of apps with your match query. Now select the app you want to install. If that app is not compatible with your mobile, You will get the notification as “Your device isn’t compatible with this version.” It means your mobile can’t run the app. Search for other alternative apps.

2. Clear Recent Apps

For solving big problems sometimes we don’t have to think big. Simple solutions can resolve the issue. But Our minds will not think of those solutions. Because we always felt a big problem could be solved only by a lot of effort. Clearing your recent apps can fix the error.

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Recent Apps Clear Android

  • When you hit by the error, the first step you have to take is clear all apps in the task manager.
  • Select your Task manager key or physical button and clear All apps. Now open the stopped app. If you reencounter the issue, Move to the next method.

3. Restart your mobile

Yes, Did you know Restart can resolve 30% of the Electronic devices issues? So, Before going to all further steps, Restart your mobile and check for the error again.

Power Button Options Android

  • Long press the power button on your mobile. Select Restart.

4. Check with the RAM

Even after the recent clearing apps, if you are receiving the error, It is time to check the RAM usage. Most of the manufacturers have these stats in settings. If you can’t find the option, you can view the RAM usage in Developer options. If you didn’t see the developer options on your settings menu, then go to about >>> build number. Click on the “Build Number” row for about seven to ten times regularly to activate “Developer Option” on your device.

You can have 128 GB-512 GB internal storage on your mobile. But when you open the app, It will run on RAM. So, If any background process consumes a lot of RAM, your current open app can’t work in full function.

Force Stop Apps in Developer Options

  • Open Running services or Memory used by apps option in Developer Options.
  • You will get the order from high consuming apps to low.
  • Force Stop the third-party apps. You should not stop the Android System apps like OS, Google Play Services.
  • After disabling some apps, Open your favorite app and check for the error notification. You can also use less RAM consuming apps to avoid High RAM consumption.

5. Check Mobile internal storage

When you do not have enough free room, Your app can’t fetch from the internal memory. It will result in the force close the app.

Free up Storage Android

  • Go to Settings> Storage.
  • You should have at least 10% free memory on your mobile. Example- If your mobile has 64 GB internal memory means, you should maintain at least 6 GB of free space to use your mobile without reduction speed.
  • When you have less memory than this free up some space by uninstalling the unwanted apps. If you have essential photos and videos, try to use Cloud storage like Google Photos.

6. Update the app to the current version

Sometimes due to the app glitch, it can automatically force stop. To resolve this, you have to update your app to the current version. You can do this in the Play Store.

Update Apps in Play Store

  • Open Play Store app. Select the hamburger menu.
  • You will receive a lot of options. Select My Apps and Games.
  • Tab on Updates. If your app has a new update, It will notify you with the option. Update your app to the latest version.

7. Clear Cache and Data in App

When your app cache a lot of data, It may not handle itself properly. The cache doesn’t affect your saved data. It only affects the response speed. But, when it becomes enormous, we have to deal with clearing those caches. First clear cache and open the app. If you reencountered the error, Clear Data.

Clear Data Facbook Messenger

  • Go to your device settings and scroll down to “Apps” or “Apps & notifications.”
  • Click on the “Apps” option
  • Tap on “See all apps.”
  • Scroll down and search for force closed the app on the list of apps on your Android device
  • Now, tap on the app option and further click on “Storage.”
  • Here, you will see “Clear Storage” and “Clear Cache” options. The “Clear Storage” option is the same as the “Clear Data” option. The anchor texts differ from one OEM to another.
  • So, click on then “Clear Storage” or “Clear Data” option to erase the app’s data.
  • When you click on the option, you’ll see a warning message, tap “Ok” to clear the app’s data.
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8. Re-Install the Apps

Sometimes strangely, Uninstalling and re-install the same app can resolve the issue. To do this, follow the steps below.

Uninstall Installed app in Play Store

  • Open Play Store app. Select the hamburger menu.
  • You will receive a lot of options. Select My Apps and Games.
  • Tab on “Installed.” Select your force closed app and select Un-Install. After the successful Un-Install, Re-Install the app again in the Play Store.

9. Factory Reset

Even after following all the methods, If you still face the issue and can’t use any third-party apps, You should Factory Reset your mobile. You don’t have to Hard reset; you can try soft reset.

Factory Reset Android Mobile

If you follow all the methods and still face issues, you can Rest your mobile. Take complete backup on your mobile. You can do a soft reset or hard reset. To Rest your mobile, Go to settings> System>Reset Options> Reset app preferences/ Factory Reset.

  • Soft Reset/App Preference Reset– This option will remove all the custom settings we made and return to the default settings. It will not delete user data.
  • Hard Reset/Factory Reset– It will remove all user data. Your mobile OS will become new, like when you purchased. You have to set up everything from the beginning.

You can also use your mobile recovery to do the reset process. When you can’t boot into your Mobile OS.

9.1 Stock Recovery method

Samsung Galaxy A50s Stock Recovery

  • Switch off your device. Then, enter into the Stock Recovery mode. To do this- Press and hold down the Volume Up + Power buttons at the same time for some time. It will boot your mobile into Recovery mode.
  • If you didn’t use Rooted mobiles, most of the time, you have Stock Recovery, which is provided by your official mobile manufacturer. If you have a stock recovery, you have the direct option as “Wipe Data/Factory Reset.” Navigate to this option and confirm it using the power key button. Remember, It will delete your entire mobile data. So, Backup first before the process.

9.2 TWRP Recovery method

When you use Rooted mobiles, you either use Stock Recovery or TWRP custom recovery. If you have Stock Recovery, you can use the above process. When you installed TWRP on your mobile, follow the steps below.

Wipe Data in TWRP

  • The Keycombinations will boot your mobile into TWRP Recovery mode.
  • On the Home screen, you can find the option as “Wipe.” Select the wipe option; you will receive further details. Select “Dalvik, Data, and Internal Storage.” Don’t select the System. It will wipe your OS. After selecting other choices, swipe to erase the data. When the process completes, return to home and boot into OS.

10. Encountering Unfortunately App has stopped in System Apps

When opening other apps, If you receive the error notification, the problem is typical. But if you meet the issue when opening system apps like Settings, Gallery, Contacts, and Phone, It means your OS had some problems. You have to check for the OS issues. You can check for the software update option or flash the firmware. If you are using Rooted mobile, the chances of un-installing the system apps are high. So, you should check you accidentally deleted the system apps using Root Un-Installer.

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10.1 Regular Software Updates

Mobile Manufacturers are rolling out the updates to fix a lot of issues. It makes a lot of effort from their side. If you didn’t utilize the update, they would stop rolling out the updates regularly. So, it is our responsibility to install the updates. Most of the time, your mobile will remind you of these things. Some mobiles download the OTA in the background and ask us permission to install the updates. After Android 10, Google rolling out important security patch updates via Playstore. So, the process becomes comfortable. The updates not only have new features, but they also have fixed issues. So, update your mobile frequently. Before making updates follow precaution steps to avoid losing your data.

10.2 Flash firmware or use Custom ROM

When you receive the software is up to date. You can re-flash the firmware on your mobile. You can refer to our firmware section for individual mobile steps. Custom ROMs are great. But, You should know whether you need this or not. If you are already using Stock Android and have limited hardware specs, you won’t expect much improvement. But, When you have Custom skin OS, and with reasonable specs, you can experience much growth. Always use official Custom ROMs. Un-Official versions may have bugs. Refer- Best Pie Custom ROMs.

Wrap Up

Start with level 1 and consider the last section as your final choice. I listed the steps based on the work required and the skill level. If you reached the final part and you don’t have experience in flashing the firmware, you can contact your nearby store. When your mobile is under warranty, you should contact your Manufacturer service center before doing some hard steps. Other than these apps depend on the Hardware. Your mobile can’t run the vast apps within the limited hardware. You know your mobile limit. When your whole mobile is freeze and has lag issues, you should follow other methods to fix your mobile.

When your device can’t handle the latest apps, It is time for you to upgrade to the latest specs. You don’t have to spend huge money. Within a $300 price range, you can buy Stock Android phones and 5G phones too. When you know, simple tweaks that work perfectly to solve the “Unfortunately App has stopped” error, comment below. It will help to our friends also.

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