Apple is Planning to Show Ads in Pre-installed Apps

The primary revenue of Google is from its Ads platform. Apple is their direct client for them. Any company with a vast user base and potential always tries to run independently. Apple is spending massive money on Ads to promote its products. The success of Apple is its ecosystem. Whenever a person buys any Apple product, They slowly begin to other Apple products too. So, If you notice deeply, Instead of spending ding Ads on the general area, It is wise to target the Apple product user again. That’s what Apple is going to do. Apple is Planning to Show Ads in Pre-installed Apps. Since privacy is essential in Apple, They may not initially bring third-party companies into the account. The plan is to sell more Apple products to Apple users.
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Apple Ads in Pre-installed Apps

Apple might eventually introduce advertisements to other apps pre-installed on your iPhone and various other Apple devices, such as Maps, Books, and Podcasts.

Apple has already implemented an identical advertising model in the App Store, where developers can pay to see their app featured on the search page for a specific keyword. As per the report by Gurman, The ads on Maps could function almost like Maps and allow businesses to be in the uppermost position of the results when users type in specific keywords.

Apple Approved Ads Format

While the App Store has advertisements on its Search tabs, Gurman anticipates Apple to add ads into the Today tab and the pages to download apps. Advertisements appearing on the Today tab will be displayed as more giant cards, with”Ad “Ad” placed beneath the app’s name. Ads on the individual pages of apps will be underlined in blue within the “You Might Also Like” section.

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Apple is focusing its attention on advertising

Apple’s decision to allow more advertising slots on its App Store and, possibly, even Maps, Podcasts, and Books may indicate that the company plans to expand its advertising operations further. In May, an article from Insider reported that Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of services, is planning to overhaul the company’s services division to focus more on advertising and streaming. Apple’s services unit, which includes advertising and its many subscriptions, recorded an increase of 12 percent in revenues last quarter.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Apple App Tracking Transparency

Apple App Tracking Transparency Permission

In 2021, Apple launched a feature known as App tracking Transparency, also known as ATT. It lets users decide whether apps can track them on other apps and websites. This is a crucial way marketers gather information and offer more relevant advertisements. The more relevant the ad, the more revenue it will bring in.

This is a perfectly sensible feature, and I will not blame Apple for embracing the idea. Users are free to decide whether they would like to be monitored. But ATT has caused some collateral damage. It’s a huge revenue loss for both large and small.

According to a Financial Times report in the year prior, Apple’s policy of app tracking caused social media platforms to lose nearly 10 billion dollars. Based on the market study agency Omdia the company’s earnings were up to $3.7 billion by 2021.

Wrap Up

The Ads in the system-level apps are a terrible idea. People always hate to deal with Ads. When they see Ads in the third-party apps, They know, The Developers need them to earn and keep developing the app. But, World’s Number One company showing Ads for revenue will degrade the premium of Apple. People already paid for the phone, so companies are trying to harvest additional Ad revenue. Showing Ads daily while using Apps will irritate most users, and they may begin to alternatives when they provide better features. What are your thoughts about Apple Showing Ads in the In-Built Apps? Share your thoughts below.

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