Samsung July 2022 Data Breach leaked Customer Name, Date of Birth and Product Information

Samsung recently admitted that it went through a Data breach that compromised some of its customer’s details. There is no leak of sensitive information like Social Security numbers, Credit/Debit card details. Samsung already fixed the security issues and informed the affected users about the subject. The data leak happened due to third-party access to customer details. It may be a profile or soft verification on their side. But Samsung is responsible for the affected users. There are no details about the compensation to the fake users. So, As per the official News, Samsung July 2022 Data Breach leaked Customer Names, Date of Birth, and Product Information.
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Samsung July 2022 Data Breach leak

Samsung has admitted that it had compromised its system in the middle of July 2022. They can discover on August 4 that customers’ data was stolen and then wiped out of its network.

Although the hackers did not get Social Security or credit card numbers, they did steal Samsung customers’ names, contact numbers and demographic data, dates of birth, and the information associated with product registrations.

Samsung Julky 2022 Data Breach Tweet

Official Statement by Samsung

Samsung identified the problem and has taken action to safeguard those affected. We’ve partnered with a top external cybersecurity firm to coordinate with the police for our investigation. We’re informing customers to inform them of this concern“.

At Samsung, We value the customers’ trust in our goods and services. It is a trust which we have earned over the years. That’s why the security and protection of our customers’ data are essential for us. Our offerings and solutions are developed and constructed with this in mind. of mind.”

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

The leaked data is not good.

Although not as detrimental as having your credit or debit card information lost, this data can be crucial because, to confirm your identity with banking institutions, you could be asked to provide information such as the date of birth and details of your contact.

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Why does Samsung store Customer data?

Samsung is aware of the importance of privacy to its customers. Samsung collects the necessary information to provide a better experience, like customized offers through its products and services. They also provide details on how Samsung intends to utilize customer information strictly with the relevant privacy laws.

For affected Customers

Samsung has directly contacted the customers we found affected by the issue to inform them. If Samsung requires additional actions from us, we will appropriately notify you.

As per the investigation currently in progress Based on the ongoing investigation, there is no need to take immediate action for any Samsung platforms. However, Samsung recommends the following instructions.

  • Beware of unsolicited emails that demand your personal information or point you to a website that asks for your details.
  • Beware of clicking on links or downloading attachments from suspicious emails.
  • Review your accounts for suspicious activity.

What about Product Information leaked?

Consumer devices weren’t affected by this incident. You can continue to use your products and services usually.

Wrap Up

Recently, Popular high database use companies allow other third-party companies like Insurance or Shipping to fetch the data to reduce the data filling process from their side. Even though the error is from Samsung or the other company’s side, Samsung is always responsible for user data. Once you get the email about your data leak, stick with Samsung for further instructions. What are your thoughts about Samsung’s July 2022 Data Breach, and they now only tell us about the data leak? Share it below.

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