Verizon launched Visa Credit Card with Exclusive Rewards

Launching their brand Credit and Debit cards are becoming a current trend now. Google is working on its physical debit card, and Samsung also announces its Samsung Pay Debit card. Now Verizon launched Visa Credit Card with Exclusive Rewards. When a company started their cards, they always give exclusive offers to their products with their card. Verizon is a mobile operator company. Thus they are providing benefits even for bill payments. You should use the Verizon Visa card to redeem those offers. For a certain period, there will be no annual fee. Compare with cards, Verizon gives you rewards for Grocery and Gas purchases. It is useful. Because instead of giving flight reductions, The company is providing valuable cuts here.
Verizon Visa Credit Card

Verizon Visa Credit Card Launch and Availability

After the successful launch of the loyalty plan, Verizon launched its Visa card on 26th June 2020. Verizon launched this Visa card keeping in view the customer’s demands and a contactless, frictionless, and digital-first experience. Synchrony, a premier consumer financial services company and one of the largest issuers of private label credit cards in the United States, is Verizon’s partner in this launch.

Verizon’s Visa card is, in fact, a reward and monthly discount plan for Verizon’s wireless customers with the worlds leading digital payments network of Visa, capable of handling more than 65,000 transaction messages in a second.


Verizon’s wireless customers who have got themselves registered for this card can use it instantly for Verizon payments. What makes this card special is the fantastic discounts that come along.

You can get a $10/month per line discount on selective plans using only this eligible credit card. If you are an account holder or manager of ten phone lines, you can get up to $100 discount for 24 consecutive months when you use the Verizon Visa card to pay your monthly Verizon bills.

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Verizon Visa Card Rewards

The company should give exclusive offers when you use their card within their products. Samsung offers mobile rewards when you purchase mobiles using the Samsung Pay Debit card. Verizon Visa card gives you some rewards which are very competitive when compared to other credit cards in various categories. Below is the detail of these rewards.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Verizon Visa Card Rewards

4% reward on grocery stores and gas purchases, without any limit. 3% rewards on selective restaurants and dining, which includes takeaway purchases too. 2% reward for Verizon products, which provides for bill payments and latest 5G phone and accessories from Verizon stores. 1% reward for all online purchases from various shopping sites and vendors.

The 4% rewards on groceries and gas spending are pretty handsome for Verizon customers. If you have signed for autopay, you can use it for your details and get the $10 discount per month. The 2% reward is additional for customers utilizing this Visa card. Recently they also launched loyalty-based rewards for its prepaid customers. Verizon wants to stick with the people for various reasons.


However, you must meet some prerequisites to apply for a Verizon Visa card. You must be an account holder or account manager of a wireless plan with ten or fewer lines. Customers with more than ten lines are not eligible to apply for this card. Those customers who are using Verizon as discount cell service providers are also not eligible to apply. And most surprisingly, Verizon FiOS (Fiber Optical services) customers are also not available for this Visa card along with the prepaid customers.

Verizon dollars, uses, and limitations

In addition to the stringent eligibility requirements, the rewards will be in a new currency called “Verizon dollars.” These are the just like store credits used within Verizon having no cash value. With Verizon dollars, you can buy anything like iPhone, Xbox,5G devices, tablets, or even pay the Verizon bills. Everything inside the Verizon store can be enjoyed with Verizon dollars. Whereas neither can you transfer these dollars in other accounts nor can you sell these dollars. Also, these cannot even be used to purchase a Verizon gift card. All these restrictions are disappointing for sure, but you can still use it to save almost half of your wireless utility bills.

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Wrap up

Most of the brands nowadays prefer the Debit card launch. Google is working on a Physical Debit card, and it uses Google Pay. But Verizon launched a Credit card. Verizon Visa Credit card is a frictionless facility for its customers with Synchrony’s credibility and Visa’s perfect digital payment system. Up to 4% rewards on various categories make it enjoyable, although not competitive with other credit companies. A 2% reward on Verizon products is also not much visible as compared to other companies. However, the rewards being given in the form of Verizon dollars makes it a less preferable choice for most customers as different credit card companies offer cashback. Would you still plan to apply for the Verizon Visa card? Do let us know.

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