Soon You can Assign WhatsApp Chats to Different Linked Devices

With new features, WhatsApp keeps reducing the need for third-party apps that do the job for money. Recent WhatsApp-linked devices allow users to use WhatsApp on different devices without needing the primary device to connect. Recently WhatsApp has been working on a feature that will enable Admin to assign a chat to other WhatsApp-linked devices. Big companies with massive user bases use third-party platforms to resolve the issue with WhatsApp chat. But small companies have to deal with the users directly. Since the Owner always can’t face customers all the time, Assign chat will help them to handle the situation with the help of others.
WhatsApp Assign Chat Linked Devices Option

Assign WhatsApp Chats to Different Linked Devices

WhatsApp is already working on the latest WhatsApp premium plan, which allows exclusive features. Through This plan, businesses can take advantage of additional features like the capability to build an individual business link and connect as many devices with their account. Concerning the final feature, it could be helpful for large companies to manage chats on a particular device. For that reason, WhatsApp has been working on the capability to assign conversations to connected devices!

What is the process behind this new Assign Chat function?

WhatsApp Chat Assign Screenshot

The tooltip alerts users about the latest feature that is available on the account for business. If you wish to assign a chat to a particular connected device, the list of connected devices will be displayed to allow you to select the device you want to give it to. Conversations assigned to you will be highlighted in the chosen device, and the user will know the need to control the chats.

Does Assign chat include a paid feature?

This is a feature for businesses. The feature appears not in the subscription plan, meaning it’s free for any business. Because this is an enterprise tool and not accessible for regular WhatsApp accounts, furthermore that, even if the image originates directly from WhatsApp Beta for iOS, the feature will be available for WhatsApp beta on Android as well as Desktop Beta at an upcoming time.


This feature is in the process of being developed and will be made available in a later update to the application. We will keep you informed whenever we have the information we can communicate to you.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Wrap Up

Eliminating third-party usage is always a good idea to keep growing a business. That’s what Android upgrades too. Whenever Google feel some third-party apps are helpful, In the long run, they try to add it as an in-built feature, which reduces lots of resources on the user side. Adding a new Assign Chat feature will help most entry-level businesses. Since WhatsApp already allows up to 4 Linked devices, They can manage their chats with the help of up to 4 persons. What are your thoughts about the WhatsApp Assign chat feature? Share it below.

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