Soon you can unlock your Android devices using Wear OS Nearby Unlock

Google always tries to make an ecosystem like Apple, Where users can let the devices interact with one another. When you go near the Macbook with Apple Watch, it automatically unlocks and reduces the login process. Since Google didn’t have all the products that work on the same OS seamlessly, they had to create a bridge for every function. They are slowly doing this process, and they did get some methods. Now, leaked Wear OS app strings suggest we can unlock our devices using Wear OS Nearby Unlock.
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Unlock your Android devices using Wear OS Nearby Unlock

Google declared in early January that it would launch a new system that allows Wear OS-based devices to open your phone, your Chromebook, and other devices. A recent teardown of Play Services spotted a feature known as Smart Unlock being worked on for “eligible Wear OS 3 devices,” which would allow the device to unlock your Android phone automatically. However, information at the time suggested that it could only be available for the Pixel Watch.

The latest news is that the well-known Android developer Mishaal Rahman has noticed an updated Nearby Unlock name in another teardown. Interestingly, this name appears as if it’s in conjunction with the Smart Unlock name right now. If the feature is in active development, it could be that we’re experiencing a name change, or they could be distinct features. However, it’s certainly connected to a watch based on the lines of text in the updates like “use the watch on your wrist to open your mobile” or an image to which the feature has been linked.

Nearby unlock Option strings in the Wear OS App

Nearby Unlock Wear OS Strings

The string suggests that you can unlock your phone using your watch when it’s not locked, worn on your wrist, and near the device. The string also states that once “you unlock your wristwatch, it remains unlocked even when you wear the watch.” The Nearby Unlock feature also sends an alert to your smartwatch once you’ve used it to unlock your phone successfully. Clicking on the notification will immediately unlock your phone.

Why is Nearby Unlock Important?

In April, rumors circulated that Google would remove or kill the Smart Lock feature on Chrome OS that allowed users to sign in to their Chrome OS device using just their smartphone if it’s nearby. Some people were furious and thought that the change meant They would remove the feature; however, other code changes told it was in active development. When writing, changes to the code suggested it was “deprecated.”

While there’s not a definitive answer, given the recent teardowns and Google’s announcement in January, this feature could end up changing its name as part of an overall, more united unlocking of devices, giving the element the same name across different platforms. This Apple-like approach could be possible.

Wrap Up

Unlike software platforms, Hardware products are entirely different. Once you hand it over to the users, You can’t fix the hardware issues by updating itself. That’s why Google is struggling with some of the hardware lineups. But they try their best to resolve the problems and slowly create an environment like the Apple ecosystem. Only Google can do this. All other companies only will go into profit product lineups. Recently Xiaomi and Hisense began to use Fire TV in their Smart TVs. You may wonder specific unlock feature is not a great deal. But, Think about how often you have to open your mobile even when you are nearby your device. So, Nearby Unlock in Wear OS is a must-need feature. What are your thoughts about Nearby Unlock? Share it below.

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