AT&T Fusion millimeter-wave 5G phone available for $220 only

Any technology in the electronic sector will always be costly when they launch. But later in years, when the user base becomes high, the cost and some alternate solutions will reduce the cost. The same goes for 5G technology and mobiles. Initially, Only a few Flagship mobiles come with 5G. Later, mid-range mobiles begin to release with 5G. But, Still, when it is coming to support US carriers mmWave 5G, It is only available with flagship mobiles. Now, AT&T Fusion millimeter-wave 5G phone is available for $220 only. Compared with mid-band and low-band 5G, mmWave 5G can give up to 2.5Gbps data speed.
ATT Fusion 5G Millimeter Phone

We’re welcoming 5G, the AT&T Fusion 5G. AT&T collaborates with all major smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, and even Google; however, specific jobs require an affordable phone with a carrier’s brand name. Jobs, it seems, are the millimeter-wave 5G being put in your hands for just two Benjamins.

AT&T Fusion mm-wave 5G phone Specifications

There are no in-depth specifications available for these mobiles. AT&T hints at some essential features.

  • As usual Internal memory of recent mobiles becomes a minimum of 64 GB. So, Keep all of your memories on 64GB of storage space and view every detail on the HD display screen—these essential features.
  • Camera A quad 48MP camera on the rear has a dual-LED flash with different shooting modes like ultra-wide panoramic, portrait mode, and an inbuilt 13 MP selfie camera. We can’t judge the camera performance based only on the MP size.
  • Enjoy less scrolling with a big scratch-resistant 6.82-inch HD+ display screen while you stream your most-loved YouTube channels and TV shows, films, and more.
  • Never be without power, thanks to the battery that charges quickly and wireless charging capability available on standby in case you need it.

Price and Availability

Fusion 5G is available for purchase. Fusion 5G will cost $219.99 or $6.12 per month for 36 months with the AT&T installment plan. You will get sub-6 and mmWave and a 48MP camera for the price. The price is reasonable for a mobile that comes with a 6.8-inch display with 720p resolution and an in-rear fingerprint sensor. The device also features wireless charging and quick charging at an unknown speed. It’s not bad considering the price; however, AT&T hasn’t provided any specifics about the chip beyond confirming it’s MediaTek as well as some of the chips are pretty bad. We’ll update if we get full specs.

Wrap Up

5G become popular bandwidth after 4G LTE in the US region. Since most US carriers will shut down 2G and 3G soon, They have to provide better prices and choices for users to upgrade from the legacy connections. When users choose between 4G and 5G, they can purchase a mobile for $220; They will happily buy the new 5G mobile. Also, the monthly fee and unlimited plan can shrink under $35/mo. So, It is a good deal for a mmWave 5G mobile and project. After, AT&T Fusion millimeter-wave 5G phone, They may release some other choice in the future. But, It purely depends on AT&T’s decisions. Did you think the new AT&T Fusion mm-wave 5G phone meets your expectations at this price? Share your thoughts below.

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