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Getting banned by Whatsapp is worse. It is a Common app everyone is using currently. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that they can be blocked on WhatsApp. Well, your phone number can get banned from using WhatsApp when you engage in certain acts. Every social media platform has its policies which the people who register to use the platform must stick to the policies. When you go against the policies of any platform, apparently, you’ll be banned/restricted from using the platform. Such is the case with the popular WhatsApp messenger. Some users can be prohibited from using the instant messenger for some reasons, especially about the developers set policies.Stop Signal in Post

Why is WhatsApp banning accounts?

A lot of people are beginning to misuse the application. Now, people try to carry out malicious and spam activities using the platform, and this is affecting the reputation of the platform. Therefore, in a bid to regain people’s trust and curb these misuses, WhatsApp not moves to banning some users account and it impossible for them to reactivate and use the platform anymore using the banned mobile number unless they contact the support team.

It is quite evident that a lot of fake news we hear today all emancipated from WhatsApp spammers. This has made some people start looking for alternatives, and WhatsApp is trying to fix this up. Now, the company has released a report that it will be banning close to 2 million accounts every monthly.

This approached is believed to minimize the spread of misinformation, abuse, illegal porn, spam, and fake news on the platform – WhatsApp. Also, the company expressed that it will be fighting against spam automated behaviors and bulk messaging. “Regardless of the intent, automated and bulk messaging violates our terms of service, and one of our priorities is to prevent and stop this kind of abuse.” – WhatsApp.

Up to 2 Million WhatsApp accounts will go down every month; yours may be among!

Facebook-owned instant messenger, WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users worldwide. The platform is arguably the most used social media/instant messenger app. However, since it appears some people are trying to take advantage of this populous platform to explore their spam activities, the company is now making a move to ban up to 2 million accounts every month.

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The company is bringing in some machine learning technologies which it will use to trace and monitor fake accounts or accounts that promote spam activities to ban them from accessing the platform. Although, humans will be 25% involved in the whole process of banning users WhatsApp account. The intelligent algorithms used by WhatsApp of recent are pretty much efficient in their result. Soon, fake WhatsApp accounts won’t be available on WhatsApp, and the place will be one of the safest instant messengers for everyone.

Whatsapp want People to Stay in their App

If Whatsapp didn’t handle the Spammers, People would slowly move to other messaging apps. The number of people using WhatsApp is desperately growing every day. Now, many 3rd party apps mimic the actions of the actual app. A lot of spammers are not trying to leverage on the free, end-to-encryption of WhatsApp messenger to exploit the fake news and do quite many other things. It is now, quite appalling that one can hardly stay for a whole day without receiving a random message. And mostly, the irrelevant message(s) come from casual users who you do not have their mobile number saved on your device.

This move from is pioneered by the parent owner of WhatsApp, Facebook. Hopefully, within a couple of months, after WhatsApp must have banned a huge million of fake accounts, most spammers exploiting the platform will no longer be available to leverage on the “freeness” of the platform. More official updates about this approach will still be released from the company, and we won’t hesitate to tell you about them.

However, at the moment, while the WhatsApp ban seems to be geared towards Indians due to the upcoming primary election coming up in the country, we will love to let you know that it applies to all users worldwide.

Why is ban very high in India?

However, it seems WhatsApp ban is very high on Indians. Within the space of three months, over 2 million WhatsApp accounts have been banned. WhatsApp said the reason why it banned those accounts is as a result of bulk or automated behaviors associated with the accounts. The number of prohibited WhatsApp accounts is on the increase every day in India.

Whenever Indians is getting close to running a primary election, there will be a considerable spam message from different numbers. Hence, the security sector of the company is trying to make sure that people do not engage in election malpractices using social media or instant messenger.

From statistics, over 200 million Indians are using the WhatsApp messenger; the country falls among the highest users of the application. WhatsApp is not only going to ban Indian users’ accounts but every account that goes against its strong policies.

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What actions can lead to my WhatsApp account get banned?

Errm it is only when you engage with actions which are not in line with the WhatsApp policies that you’d get banned from using the platform. Some of the activities flagged by the company as violating actions include sending of bulk messages or automated messages. But, still, you can recover your account even after being banned; this works if you’re sure you never engaged in any of the actions flagged by the company as “illegal.”

Also, when you practice either of the below actions, your account may be banned too;

  • Creating a WhatsApp group and adding so many people who don’t have your number saved on their device

  • Installing a 3rd party WhatsApp app such as GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus, and the likes.

How WhatsApp ban users account

There are different ways through which WhatsApp detect and ban some users account; these ways include blocking at the point of registration, through your messages, and other people’s feedback.

During Registration

Usually, you will receive an SMS message or a phone call when trying to open a new WhatsApp account. Now, when you input a mobile number for verification of your new count, the intelligent WhatsApp algorithms check through the database to see if your network is tagged with any form of suspicious activity previously. The system will block your number right immediately; it detects traces of malicious engagements with the mobile number.

Block from the message

Just in case a spammer gracefully bypassed the registration process, this is another way WhatsApp bans its users. Via the intensity of a users’ activity, the company, WhatsApp can trace suspicious accounts. For example, using a WhatsApp account to send over 100 messages to different people in 15mins will attract a ban.

Other people’s feedback

Whatsapp Block Spam Screenshot

If a lot of other people have reported your number to be associated with fraud or spam, WhatsApp won’t hesitate to track down your account. Peoples feedback about your account is treated with the utmost care, especially now that the company is trying to sanitize the platform.

How to know your account has been banned

Once your WhatsApp account is banned, you won’t be able to access it anymore. Instead, you’ll see this message displayed on the window; “Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help.”

Temporarily banned from whatsapp

So, when you see a message such as the one above, it is quite unfortunate that your account has been blacklisted. All you need to do is to look for a way to un-ban/reactivate the account again. Or, else, you can get a new mobile number.

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How to reactivate a banned WhatsApp account

Yes, it is pretty possible to get back your WhatsApp account if it is banned unjustly. All you need to do is to contact the WhatsApp support team and open a ticket for your account to be reactivated. Nevertheless, below are the likely ways through which you could get your account delisted from the blacklist.

Un-ban Temporarily Blocked account

If you have a timeline in your blocked Whatsapp. Don’t worry you will automatically unban from Wahstapp after the timeline expiry.

Un-ban Permanently Blocked account

Whatsapp contact us

You’d have to check out and identify the actual reason(s) why you got blacklisted, and the team at WhatsApp support center will scrutinize your request to see if your account should be reactivated. There may be a chance you can’t even open the app. During that time, you can contact them using the below ways.

Contact Whatsapp- Contact Official Site, Email ID-

It takes about 48 hours for a banned WhatsApp account to be reactivated if the team is convinced with your reasons. On the other hand, if your appeal is not accepted, your account can never work again.

This is quite unfortunate, and because WhatsApp is becoming more aggressive on how users misuse the platform, the best way to avoid a ban is to stick to the right things. Over 2 million accounts will be banned every month, play safe so that yours won’t be among.

Tips for staying safe and avoid WhatsApp ban

  • Don’t send bulk messages

  • Don’t Install Third party Whatsapp clones.
  • For business purposes, always inform the 2nd person(s), your partners or clients to save your mobile number on their device. You can also use two Whatsapp accounts for Personal and official usage.

  • Don’t engage in sending automated messages

  • Make sure the news you’re broadcasting to people is legal and real; stay afar off from fake news

Finally, you may be lucky to get your account reactivated even after it is banned. Contact WhatsApp support team if your account is banned and request for reactivation submitting your reason(s).


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  1. Dear Sir,
    My whatsapp account has been banned. Please return my account. My side no mistake; some friends report my account.. please understand and solve my problem.
    Thank you.

    • Refer to the previous comment solutions, and Don’t rush for the Request. Mention what you have done wrong in the request. You should contact the official WhatsApp regarding this.

  2. My WhatsApp number. It was banned in the last five days.
    It was banned by mistake. We didn’t violate any terms & privacy of WhatsApp.

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