EV Charging Station locations are now available in Waze

Electric Vehicles usage is increasing day by day. Since Tesla begins to start their factory in possible countries, People have started to believe in those vehicles and purchase EVs. In some countries, the government also provides stipends to people who prefer alternate cars. But, the real-time challenge is where we can charge our vehicles When we can’t reach our home before the drain of the battery. Since Super Fast Charging stations are not widely available, We have to find exclusive stations or popular Malls. Now, The difficulty is over. Popular navigation app Waze Now provides details about EV Charging station locations with the help of the users.
Electric Car Charging Station

The development of electric vehicles presents two significant challenges. First, of course, is the price. However, another big problem for many consumers today is finding paid parking, and Google’s Waze app will now support this initiative.

EV Charging Station locations in Waze App

Google-owned auto-navigation Waze app has teamed up with Volkswagen to introduce a new EV charging station map filter to US users. With a set, drivers can see you on the street, see their status, and change their route if a station is needed. An expert from Waze explained that EV payment companies have expanded to larger files than VW’s Electrify America network. It’s the same as the sister app Google Maps revealed in 2019.

Earlier this week, Waze announced a unique partnership with Volkswagen to add the ability to introduce EV charging stations in the United States to the Waze app. It is the first time that Waze has begun to display EV charging stations. Previously, he only saw the selected gas station. Drivers in the Waze app can view stations and add stops along their current route. These features are available today, but not as much as we see them now.

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Waze Chief Statement

Waze industry chief Jeffrey Kohl said in a statement as follows:

“This is an inspiring moment for Waze as Volkswagen brings electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to our map for the first time ahead of a hectic holiday travel period. Volkswagen is helping to shape what EV looks like on the Waze map, and we’re looking forward to highlighting the breadth of EV stations available across the US, especially as more automotive brands move towards an electric future.”

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Wrap Up

Even though Waze is popular among all users in the USA, Most of the Industry level platforms utilize Google Maps. Food delivery companies have begun to use EVs. When Google Maps adapt the feature from Waze like they already did with Live Traffic, Then it will be helpful for all of the users. Waze constantly amazes us with user-focused features. EV charging station locations are one of the much-needed features. Did you try out this new feature in your Waze app? What is your real-time experience with this new option? Share your thoughts.

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