Facebook Clubhouse Alternative Live Audio and Podcast Now Available

Copying or Adapting the features from the other platform in the Tech world is not new. Everybody using other popular platform features in their product when they have a huge user base. After the huge success of Zoom, Leading companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft introduced an Enhanced Video calls platform. Along with new features, It is a wise idea to adopt trending features also. Facebook and Instagram keep adding Trend features like Rooms, Reels..etc. Facebook already announced they are working on the Clubhouse-like feature. Now Facebook Clubhouse Alternative Live Audio and Podcast Available. Like Clubhouse, You can talk live, and You can also use to stream podcasts to your Audience.
Facebook Live Audio Clubhouse Alternative

What is a Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is an iOS app launched in April 2020. It is a new type of voice-based network. It is an invite-only app; you cannot download it in the Apple App Store and Sign up. The Clubhouse has 600,000 users in December 2020 as per the record of “The New York Times.” For most celebrities, the Clubhouse is the right place to talk and share their ideas. You have the option to create “rooms,” where you can chat with others in the conference hall, but you can’t share your pictures, videos, and even text.

About Facebook Live Audio

The Clubhouse is an only audio-only platform, which is the hottest and trending of the year. Why will Facebook not? This is the big question among most of the people, here is the reply to that peoples. Yes, now Facebook is testing Live audio rooms in groups and going to roll out to the users of Facebook and Messenger by the summer.

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Facebook Live Audio Screenshot

The company also writes in one of the blog posts is “ Facebook users in the US, that means Public figures and Groups can create Live Audio Rooms on iOS, and select podcast will be available to the listeners; also they said we would expand the ability for more public figures and Groups to Host Live Audio Rooms in the upcoming week’s.” In the Facebook Groups, only the admin needs to decide who can create the Live Audio Rooms; it may be moderators, group members, or other group admins. The Private groups having the option for listening only, but public groups can tune into talks.


The company also shared some technical details along with the rollout. There is a surprising factor that the Clubhouse and the Live Audio Room having some similarities. More and more features available in the new Live Audio Rooms as follows:

Emoji in Facebook Live Audio

  • You can send emojis and raising your hands to join in the discussion.
  • You can share your conversation with others.
  • It is highlighted with speakers(paying) listeners visible to everyone
  • On Facebook, Live Audio streams, already known as Star emoji, called Public figures, can also monetize their discussion.
  • In the Live Audio Room, you can connect an unlimited number of listeners, while there will be 50 speakers.
  • While Facebook browsing also users can listen to the podcast through a mini player or full-screen player with a playback option.
  • You can comment, react, bookmark, and share your favorite podcasts.

There are more additional features like caption and the ability to create and share short clips of a podcast that will be rolled out later this summer.

How to Create or Listen to Facebook Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts?

Facebook Live Audio Create From Feed

Through the Newsfeed and notification, users of Android and iOS peoples can create their Live Audio Rooms. You have the option to sign up to be a reminder when a Live Audio room you are interested in goes live. In between the conversation, you will be getting a notification when friends or followers are joining too.

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Initial slates of the podcast available include Joe Budden of  “The Joe Budden Podcast; of carefully Reckless from the Black effect Podcast Network and iHeartRadio; Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin, and Jac Vanek of the LadyGang; and Nicole Matthews Okome of Side Hustle Pro.”  Also, they assured that they would add more podcast in the upcoming weeks.

Wrap Up

Adapting a Trend is a part of the success of every leading platform. Instead of trying out new options, Adapting a popular feature in an already existing high user base is a good idea. When TikTok gets ban in few countries, Instagram released an alternative solution as Reels. The same goes for Zoom alternative Facebook Rooms. Now Clubhouse and Twitter Space are slowly becoming popular because of the voice-only feature. So, Facebook releases the same feature as Live Audio. The success of the platform depends on the followers also. Since Facebook Live Audio using celebrities to promote their platform, they can do what they desire. Did you try Facebook Live Audio? Share your thoughts below.

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