Google Pixel 6 will use In-House Whitechapel Processor

Google is good at Software. But when it comes to hardware products, They have to rely on others. It leads to Quality compromise in few things. Google always try their best to provide better products, But due to the Good Software on average, hardware is not good enough for users. The success of Apple is all of their products are in-house manufactured. From Processor to everything, Apple optimizes it from the core. So, To compete against Industry Leads, Google has to focus on hardware also. Google is already working on future solutions with their in-house processor manufacturing. Most of the tech people assumed Google would take a long time for the first release. But, Recently leaked details suggest, Google will use their Whitechapel Processor in Google Pixel 6.
Google Pixel Android 12 Developer Preview

Google Own Whitechapel Processor for Pixel 6

Google is expected to launch the Pixel 6 this year with the own customized chip. Pixel 6 is the first device powered by a GS101 chip which is codenamed a “Whitechapel” chip. In GS101 chip GS stands for “Google Silicon.” Semiconductor systems large-scale integration division is used to develop the chip with the help of Samsung. This suggests that Google’s new chip can have connections with Samsung Exynos. Google Pixel 6 smartphone will run with Andriod 12 operating system. An Octa-Core processor powers the phone.

Google designed GS101 chip bring tantalizing promises that it could bring speed like Apple iPhone performance and battery life as Android. The main benefit of custom silicon will be greater control over driver updates. Qualcomm chip, not having driver updates. Update drivers to be compatible with the new version of Android for longer. Google may support even the new chip for 5 Generations of Android OS compared to the current 3 generations of Pixel.

Whitechapel Processor Features

GS101 “Whitechapel” is the first Pixel phone having an in-house Soc instead of “Qualcomm.”The GS101 will have a feature like “three cluster setup with  TPA (Tensor Processing Unit) for machine learning chip introduced in Pixel 6 is a security chip similar to Titan M which is Google introduced a couple of years back. Implementation of the TPUs in the GS101 processor will be at a more sophisticated level as compared to the existing smartphones.

Samsung Exynos 2100 Processor Components

Google could integrate Pixel Visual code into the SoC, possibly enable new camera capabilities in upcoming Pixels. Compared to the Qualcomm chip, SoC is cheaper to make and use. GS101 will help the Pixel 6 synergize its performance to achieve higher performance and battery efficiency. Google Pixel 6 supports quick charging and waterproof too.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

It may come with an integrated Titan M Chip, and Octa-Core works with One large ARM X1 core for High One-thread workloads; there will be Three medium Cortex A78 cores for Multicore work. The last four Cortex A55 cores for background work.

Expecting Google Pixel 6 Specs

Pixel 6 will see some more hardware changes like an in-display fingerprint scanner, a new camera sensor, a smaller centered punch hole camera, and more. It is supported to bring 4k video recording in front camera.

The design of the  Google Pixel 6 remains the biggest ambiguity at the moment. Google opted for a highly aluminum body with a thin skin made with Bioserin plastic for Google Pixel 5. This same technique used in Pixel 6 gives a great combo to make our phone a clean and stylish look. Bioserin plastics having the capacity of wireless charging and still go with aluminum was clever. There are some rumors that the Apple iPhone is considering similar approaches for a better experience in the iPhone 13 series, but it’s still wildly speculative.

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Googel Pixel 5 Rear Side in hand

Google Pixel 6 has a front P-OLED display. On the front, camera buyers can get a 16MP primary camera,16MP wide-angle, Ultra-wide angle camera,12MP telephoto camera. The camera having features like Digital Zoom, Auto Flash, Face detection and Touch to focus. Since Apple iPhone users have their chipset to power their iPhone and Mac devices, Google is also working on its chipset for its smartphones and Chromebooks.

Google Pixel 6 smartphone prices in the US may be around $699. The launch can happen in Q4, 2021.

Wrap Up

Google is a Software Giant. But they can’t fix everything with the Software. After Google begin to release their Pixel Lineups, People are not satisfied fully with their hardware setup like Nexus. The old Nexus mobiles are the best hardware with Google software. They have to do something to save the best Pixel Lineups. Other than the best camera setup, The overall Design, RAM, Processor, or Display has critics yearly. With the new Whitechapel Processor in Google Pixel 6, Google can surely compete as the best Android phone when focusing on other hardware. Did you feel the same way? Share your thoughts.

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