Google Pixel 6a Unboxing Video reveals In-Display Fingerprint Sensor, Type-C Cable, and No Charger

Nowadays, like in movies, Every small detail leaked on a famous company’s mobile has created a trend on social media. Among those companies, Google leaks are always renowned. We can get a complete Hands-on video before the release most of the time. It will not happen mostly with other companies like Samsung. Now, Google Pixel 6a Unboxing Video reveals In-Display Fingerprint Sensor, Type-C Cable, and No Charger. Google already shipped the Pixel 6 with No charger. They may include chargers in some countries. So, No wonder they send Pixel 6a with No Charger. But since it has to ship Pixel 6a all over the world.
Google Pixel 6a locked Screen in Hand

Google Pixel 6a already leaked an official video

Two weeks ago, Google unveiled the Pixel 6a at Google I/O 2022. Many people were excited about the possibility that they would be able to offer a better fingerprint sensor than the one in the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 Pro. One leaked unboxing video by Google France shows that the new sensor could make a big difference for those who buy Google’s latest phone in July.

Google Pixel 6a Unboxing gets A Closer Look

This unboxing is from TikTok, a far cry from the video that Google removed. Although we see four Pixel 6a units inside their retail packaging, it is again in Charcoal and not the exciting Silver variant.

In-Display Fingerprint Sensor with Type-C Cable and No Charger

Google Pixel 6a Unboxing TikTok Screenshots

It’s not too noticeable, but we see that the protective film labels critical hardware components like the SIM card tray and USB-C ports, the under-display fingerprint sensor, and the volume rocker and power button. It is a white sheet that covers the Pixel 6 or 6 Pro. This is because there is prominent Google Tensor branding on the box that contains the paperwork and SIM removal tool.

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When will the official launch of Google Pixel 6a be?

A YouTube video first revealed the Pixel 6a retail box on March 31. It wasn’t announced until May 11. They will announce official availability on May 11. Pre-orders open July 21.

The Pixel 5a was first announced in August last year, but it was released on the 26th of that same month. There was a 17-day gap between the Pixel 4a’s August 2020 unveiling and its release in 2020.

Launch countries for Google Pixel 6a

Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, and The United Kingdom.

Pixel 6a Specifications

Here we listed all Pixel 6a specifications.

Google Pixel 6a Specifications


The company announced that the Pixel 6a would cost $449 at Google I/O 2022. This is the same price as the Pixel 5a. The Pixel 6a shares many of the same features and specifications as the $599 Pixel 6. This is an incredible deal. The mmWave Antenna will make the Verizon phone $499.

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Wrap Up

Since there are weeks available for the Google Pixel 6a launch, The leaks may affect the marketing strategy of Google. But, It creates curiosity among users and considers them to put the pin on Pixel 6a. Especially with this rate and IP67 certifications is not what you get with other company mobiles. Also, You will get five years of updates from Google, which indeed makes you consider the phone. Did you plan to buy a Google Pixel 6a? Share your thoughts below.

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