Google Pixel Watch will come with a 300mAh Battery and One Day Backup

The Smartness of the latest devices is evolving day by day. But all of the remote devices purely rely on the battery, and they are not suitable for all devices. Mobiles are still struggling to keep up the backup for one day. Since recent mobile has a high refresh rate, the hurtle becomes high for manufacturers to achieve the process. Unlike Fit-based devices, SmartWatch can’t give weekly backup when utilizing the whole function. Google already announced its Pixel Watch, and its details are slowly leaking. Now, Sources suggest Google Pixel Watch will come with a 300mAh Battery and Day Backup. The 300mAh battery can give weeks of backup on limited-function devices. But in Smart Watches, the story is different.
Google Pixel Watch in Hand

Google Pixel Watch will come with a 300mAh Battery

Google’s new device will have a capacity of just 300 mAh. A source claims that the Pixel Watch can last for up to one day on one charge of 0-100%. This is an estimate Google has at the moment, and it could change before launch.

Battery in SmartWatch Teardown

Comparison of Google Pixel Watch Battery Life

Overall, the Wear OS battery life matches the Fossil Generation 6. Samsung claims 40 hours. However, our experience with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm) and its 247mAh battery were also about a day. The Samsung 40-hour claims are only met by the 44mm Galaxy Watch 4. Apple claims that the Apple Watch can last 18 hours if you count a one-hour workout. However, most users report better endurance.

Type-C Charging Boost may or may not be available for Pixel Watch

You might think that the new USB-C charger will give you a boost in your daily charging power. According to a report today, it charges up to 100% in just two hours. This is about the same time as the Galaxy Watch 4. It charges 100% in about two hours, slower than other wearables today. This could make it difficult for some people to find the time to use the device every day.

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Battery Remaining in SmartWatch

The 300 mAh Fossil Generation 6 boasts 0-80% in “about half an hour. It isn’t as fast as Apple’s current offering (Series 7, which claims 0-80% in 45 minutes and 0-100% within 75 minutes using USB-C with an adapter of 20W. It does not provide fast charging via the USB-C cable.

Google should make magic with its exclusive software

Google is always famous for its exclusive Magic features, and they do lots of impossible things that control their hardware setup. They should do something in the battery backup before the release. If they can’t keep up with the 24-Hour battery life, Pixel Watch can’t reach more users.

Wrap Up

Google should understand what is happening in the mobile industry. People can’t tolerate or adjust to their purchased devices. There are plenty of choices and options are now available. Most of the users enter into Apple ecosystem because of their Apple Watch. Google should carefully tweak every element in their products to catch up in the places where they belong. What are your thoughts about the Battery power of Google Pixel? Did you think it can withstand good backup time? Share your thoughts below.

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