HTC Metaverse Focused Flagship mobile will be delayed again

Some mobile companies have potential. But they always fail to impress people. Sony, LG, and HTC always fall under this category. You may wonder why companies are giving up. But, In reality, surviving in the mobile industry is not easy. Since the technology and Trend keep changing, you will lose when you can’t adapt and travel with the people. LG went out of town. Now HTC is struggling the same. When you can’t deliver the products on time, Everything will not happen as planned. People slowly move to other new trends. HTC has already reduced its production. Last year they introduced Cryptocurrency focused Exodus phones. They are not that much hit. This, Year HTC announced they would release a mobile especially have features for Metaverse. Now, the HTC Metaverse Focused Flagship mobile will be delayed again.
HTC Metaverse Focused Phone

HTC Metaverse Focused Phone

HTC’s new phone is built on the growing”metaverse” Trend, though this term could refer to anything. There could be a connection between the latest high-end HTC phone and HTC’s Vive Flow VR headset. There’s also speculation that a brand new HTC phone will be able to run Augmented Reality (AR) apps. The phone was scheduled to debut in April 2022, but delivery issues have delayed the release.

Adding innovative technology is not something new to HTC

The company could have seen its creative ideas come to life in March 2014, when it launched its HTC One (M8). HTC One (M8). The phone’s unique design caught plenty of attention. The dual-camera setup (for blurred backgrounds in portrait photos) and a pair of front-facing BoomSound speakers enhanced the handset’s appeal.

The reason for the delay and new expected date

HTC Metaverse Mobile Delay

The mobile is supposed to be released before April 2022. This delay was caused by believed to be COVID-19-related supply chain problems as a result, and HTC isn’t abandoning its plan. HTC Taiwan’s official Facebook page replied to the reason for user questions. Many believe that the phone will possess an appealing appeal that is unique, much as Exodus 1 and Exodus one or Exodus 1s phones that were blockchain-based. There is no confirmation on the date. But we can expect the mobile release during Q4 2022.

Is HTC Business Bad?

The company reported $7 million in sales, which was the lowest figure for a month since They listed the company in 2002.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

The problem is that a cash-strapped HTC has sold the rights to a portion of its intellectual property rights that are non-exclusive for Google through a contract estimated at $1.1 billion. In the transaction, HTC employees that worked on smartphones, such as Google Pixel, were Google Pixel was shipped off to Mountain View to join Google.

What can HTC do to win?

HTC should refresh them from scratch. In their concept and designs, Everything is going wrong. They should focus on the Sea instead of the lake. When you create mobile for ordinary people, there is a guarantee of winning because of the high volume. Samsung also struggled when Realme and Xiaomi captured their market. But they come with new plans and ideas and capture the market again. HTC should focus on its Design and Marketing too. Delivering products on time always gets more users. Instead of focusing on exclusive mobiles like Metaverse’s unique HTC Phones, They should concentrate on standard phones.

Wrap Up

Delaying mobile release is not a joke here. Even though Sony has better phones, they failed in most countries due to failure in on-time delivery and after-sales support. You have to wait for months to get the phone in hand, even in the US. Also, Their after-sales support, including OTA, is not good. Most OTA updates always come with bugs, and they need to roll out another update to patch those bugs. Stand alone is excellent. But in the name of stand-alone, people will lose interest when you do odd things. Most of the HTC movements look completely Gimmick. They should focus on real things and don’t do color things. What are your thoughts about the HTC Metaverse phone? Share your thoughts below.

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