Motorola Razr 3rd Gen will come with New Design and Advanced Processor

When Motorola announced, they would launch the classic hit Razr with new specs in the Android platform. Everyone got excited, and all reviewers have covered the topic. But, In reality, Compared with the price range, The mobile is not reasonable with its specs. So, It is not getting that much sales. When they launch that mobile for somewhat around $700-800, It can be a hit. But Foldable displays are costly, and companies can’t give the specs for low that price range. Also, It comes with Snapdragon “7” series processor, Which is not a flagship processor. For that price range, They have to put some premium specs. The second Gen is also not up to the mark per user reviews. Now, Lenovo’s Executive announced that they are working on the Motorola Razr 3rd Gen and it will come with a new design and Advanced Processor. Spending above $1000 is not an issue for high-end users. But they should give a reason for purchase. We hope that the Motorola Razr 3rd Gen provides some value.
Motorola Razr 3 Design

Lenovo Executive confirms about Motorola Razr 3rd Gen Design and Processor.

The company has announced that the third-generation version of the foldable Motorola Razr will launch in the coming year. The device was revealed by a Lenovo executive, Motorola’s current owner, through Chinese online platforms (via Android Authority). The blog post mainly focuses on what Motorola’s foldable device did differently and promised the possibility of a “more sophisticated” technology in the back of this new gadget. It’s positive because the previous Razrs were not as powerful as Samsung’s range.

Motorola Razr 3 CEO Comment in Weibo

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Motorola need to Promote Razr series like Samsung Galaxy Flip

Samsung made waves with its Galaxy Z Flip 3, with a moderate cost and more durable than earlier foldable. Motorola has, however, always provided a foldable with the same design that was generally a step in comparison to Samsung’s. The brand’s not entirely done yet; however, the new generation Motorola Razr is apparently around the next corner.

Moto launched the first Motorola Razr in the latter half of 2019, a year or so after Samsung’s first Galaxy Fold and months before the Galaxy Z Flip made its debut. The foldable phone was a stylish, crease-free hinge and a classic style but could not win points from the durability, camera quality, and weak specifications. The following year, Lenovo refreshed the Razr with a more appealing design, better specifications, and support for 5G. However, it still struggled to sell against Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series.

Motorola should prove their value

Motorola will enter the foldable phone market with its third-generation model. For instance, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 costs just $999 and comes with features such as the ability to resist water, a more substantial screen, and the power of a flagship phone. Huawei is also announcing its $1,400 P50 pocket that comes with a massive battery that folds into a clamshell as well as a unique camera configuration.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Wrap Up

Still, most people always believe in brands. Nokia gives a comeback with the Android OS and what the user wants. If you can’t provide as per user needs and live in pride, You can’t stand in the mobile market. People are ready to spend more than $1000 on mobiles. But, It should give them value for their spending. Samsung is already selling Galaxy Z Flip 3 for $350 with huge discounts and free add-ons. Moto should release mobiles with the latest high-end specs, Instead of selling the name. We hope Motorola Razr 3rd Gen will fulfill user needs and a reasonable price range. What did you think about Motorola Razr 3rd Gen? Share your thoughts below.

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