How to Use Free Android In-Built Password Manager

If you are already using a Password manager, this can’t work well for you. I try to figure out the special features, that are not available in other password managers. If you are a newbie and have only a few accounts, yes this is for you. Did you know that Google has one of its own secure all time reliable password manager for free? Well, Google offers reliable services to its customers by providing a secure mobile application, a web app is also Available, and it automatically has the power to save secure passwords. The Google inbuilt password has expanded its roots from being a simple part of a chrome browser to a larger platform that provides a password manager service in your Android devices. Even though there are other password managers available, in some cases they do not fill the forms of some apps especially those in android devices. If you are already using a password manager, you know the pain. The primary aspect that makes us focus on Android devices is because a majority of people who use mobile phones didn’t see this service is available. At the moment, the Google inbuilt password can fill all the password forms in any application in your Android Device.

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If you have never used the Google inbuilt password manager in your android device, I can confidently say you have not yet discovered how easy it is to hide and autofill your passwords. In cases where you have previously logged into the Google account in chrome or an Android device, you will get a notification in the form of a pop up asking you if you would like to log in using the already saved personal details or whether you want to create new credentials. If you have only one account under the app or service, It will automatically fill the credentials.

We are going to cover the following topics in this article.

  • What makes this password manager for android devices have an entirely new look

  • The unique features associated with the password manager for android devices

  • Advantages/Disadvantages

How does this work?


  • This Google account password manager works only works with Oreo and above versions because it is an Android version related update. It is not a specific app. If you use other password managers, they work above all 4.4+ versions.

If you pay keen attention every time you login into chrome using your credential, you will notice that Google will always ask you if you want to save the password for later use. Google invented this way of efficiently storing passwords for its visitors when it noticed that most of them used to forget their passwords easily.

Currently, this password storage and recovery system got upgraded to perfectly fit the Android mobile version. You can comfortably use the smart password lock in your android device and secure all your passwords automatically. The easy compatibility mode has brought a whole new experience to all the android users.


The ability to manage passwords from the web

Like other password managers, If you login into you will actively manage to view a full list of all your saved passwords in chrome. In cases where you log in using a different computer, you will get required to verify second-factor authentication if you enabled it.

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Ability to save app passwords

In the past, Google allowed users to only save passwords for websites only. After upgrading the password manager services in Android devices, you can comfortably manage to protect passwords from the selected applications.

The power to auto-sign into your account

In some cases, you may find that Google inbuilt password manager does not only save your login details, but it automatically skips the login screen completely. Other password managers can’t do this. Users have the freedom to activate the auto sign-in features by visiting the Google settings and turning on the feature. Users can also turn off the auto-sign into the feature in the Google settings.

How to use this Service

  • As already mentioned, you should have Oreo and above version to use this service.

  • Now, Go to Settings-> Search-“fill”-> Auto-fill services ->Select Google.

Password fill in Android

  • You can find Google and other services if you are already using a password manager. If you didn’t use any other third party service, you could see only Google. Select Google. That’s all. Hereafter the credentials will be filled automatically in all applications if you already saved passwords in your Google account.

  • If the passwords didn’t fill automatically, Go to, In Options-> Enable Auto Sign-In and Offer to save passwords(To save new passwords in the future).


Available at a free cost

Unlike other application where you need to subscribe for you to save your passwords, smart lock comes at a free charge. For instance, LastPass is available on the desktop browser version at a free cost but having to access it at your android version attracts a fee. To ensure sure that all Google users get the best service, It is available for free on both the desktop version and Android mobile version.

Automatic login to your account

You do not have to start with all the process of login into your account once you use the smart lock password manager. You will stay logged into your account which will make it more convenient for you and your password credentials will remain highly secured.

100% fill in all Android applications/Chrome Browser/Chrome OS

The feature I love most, I am using third party password manager also, but in some apps, that password manager can’t fill the credentials, I have to copy/paste everything to Sign-in.


Can’t Generate Passwords

You have to generate new passwords on your own. Unlike other password managers, this in-built service can’t create new passwords.

Can’t use other than Chrome browser, Chrome OS and Android

Yes, you can’t automatically fill the credentials, other than this three. Other password managers offer all kind of extensions and apps (You can use them in Mozilla browser, Windows and Linux-As an App). You have to Copy/Paste from chrome if you want to use in other apps. In Android, no worry it will work in all forms. It Doesn’t work in Windows/Linux Desktop. In Chrome OS, It can fill all forms.


As I already mentioned earlier, if you are using Password Manager, you know the value of that service, This service can’t satisfy you. But if you only deal with a few accounts, It can work well for you. Smart lock Google inbuilt password manager is convenient to use because it is compatible with Android mobile devices as well as chrome from a desktop computer. You can access the smart lock manager for both the desktop version and mobile version at a free cost which makes it convenient for usage by every individual. Based on the unique features associated with the smart lock Google password manager as well as the advantages, I highly recommend the smart lock Google, inbuilt password manager to everyone who is seeking to have all crucial accounts passwords saved and secured at all times.

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