Upcoming 2021 Google TV Box Remote may have Numbers, Settings, and an Exit button

After the Smartphone market, TV has a wide market among people. So, Most of the mobile companies who make smartphones, begin to release Smart TVs also. Like Android Mobile OS, Google also proving Android TV OS. Companies customize the OS with their UI like Android Mobiles. Until 2020, Google focuses only on Chromecast to stream media. But After companies begin to release Android TV sticks, Google released Chromecast with Android TV. So, Even if your TV is not a Smart TV, You can convert it to Android TV when you have an HDMI port. The released device Remote has minimal controls. Since Android TV has difficulty in controls, Google Planning provides more buttons in the upcoming 2021 Google TV Chromecast device. The upcoming 2021 Google TV Box Remote may have Numbers, Settings, and an Exit button.
Google Chromecast TV Remote Setup

Google TV was announced in October of 2010, and it is specifically made for Sony and Logitech. A few years later, Google was rebranding its TV platform to Android TV. And 10 years later, Google announced a new Chromecast with Google TV. Google TV as a revamp of Android TV. Google offered this Chromecast. Basically, this is an Android TV box, but it’s not really a box. It’s more of a dongle. You do have access to the TV version of Google Play, which will compete with Roku and the Amazon fire sticks.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a Streaming device; You can share from your phone to the TV. It’s more friendly for cross-platform. If you’re on an Android device or an IOS device, you can actually stream content from most apps these days. Well, It may be useful if you’re in a boardroom or a meeting room and you’ve got a TV there, and you plug in Chromecast, and you can share what’s on your computer up to the boardroom TV without having to bother with cables, it’s just using a wifi connection. Most of the recent Android TVs coming with Chromecast built-in. Thus, You don’t need a separate device for stream media from other devices.

What is Google TV?

Google TV is a platform built into televisions or other devices, like Blu-ray disc players. Google TV allows you to go beyond your existing cable or satellite service features and provide access to unlimited entertainment and information from the internet. In short, it’s the best of television, meaning the best of the internet.

Google TV Home Page

When you have a Google TV platform built into an HDTV, you can enjoy both television and the web simultaneously and on the same screen. It’s swift and simple to find the content you crave. When you search for a topic, you not only get to see results from the entire internet, but you also get to see the regular TV listings, web apps, videos, and more.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

You can even bookmark the web pages, TV channels, and apps that you love. This TV keeps track of your most viewed sites for easy access the next time you turn on your TV. Another advantage is it enables you to multitask. This offers full 4K HDR picture quality, LED backlight technology. But this TV also has something others don’t, a powerful processor. It makes searching and website loading faster and provides smooth online.

2021 Google TV Box Remote with Numbers, Settings, and an Exit button

2021 Google TV Box Remote with Numbers Settings Exit

The Chromecast with Google TV remote has just the right amount of buttons you’ll need. On the right side of the remote, there are the volume buttons. Initially, the remote has the Buttons like Center select button with the select circle. The assistant button is highlighted with a different color. As usual, this remote has Home, Mute, and designated Youtube, Netflix buttons.

Why are the Additional buttons Important?

We all know TV remotes are always important to access the TV. In this new technology, we slightly miss the uses of remotes with a large number of buttons. Some of us may be wondering what these buttons can help, but manual remotes greatly enhance a few technologies that are easy to use. Remote allows us to access the TV from anywhere.

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Having add-on buttons like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Youtube, and Apps will quickly access the TV. Even we don’t need to type the content we want, we can access the remote by using Voice search with Google Assistant’s help. Comparing with the Android TV, Google TV is much flexible to use and interface with the user. We can expect more features will add by Google for the upcoming updates.

Wrap Up

Adding numbers and few quick action buttons looks like it’s not a big deal, But when you face real-time issues while navigating the UI, You can understand the value of separate buttons. Google Assistant can’t control everything on your Android TV. It may be helpful to launch apps or search. Google playing a safe game with Google TV Chromecast. Because the rate is low, and most users prefer official updates and support from Google instead of third-party providers. Did you feel adding separate buttons in the upcoming 2021 Google TV Remote can enhance the user experience, or will it affect the minimal remote style? Comment below your thoughts.

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