Google Chrome Password Manager getting Share and Add Notes Options

Since security is becoming a question in recent modern worlds, Every platform tries their best to enhance the security by proper guidance on how they can save their account from flaws. The primary step to protect your account is creating a strong password. We can remember easy Passwords, but it is not safe. In the same way, We can’t remember secure passwords easily. So, most browsers nowadays offer Password managers to save and fill the Passwords in the respective accounts. Google Chrome also has a Password manager that can sync with your Google account. But unlike Paid Password Managers, it has its limits. But, Google is slowly improving and adding new features to make it user-friendly. Soon, Google Chrome Password Manager gets Share and Add Notes Options which will be helpful to quickly identify the password and share it with others if needed.
Google Password Settings Screen

Google Chrome Password Manager

Google Chrome’s built-in password manager functions in an emergency. It’s not exactly the prettiest or most advanced one, but it does provide users with the ability to store passwords quickly and securely inside the browser (and it’s been getting much more attention these days). It appears that the company is planning to include a new feature, the capability for users to “send” their passwords.

Google Chrome Password Manager Share and Add Notes Options

As seen by the vigilant eyes by Leopeva64 on Twitter, Google has added a brand new “send password” button to its Chrome. It’s available in an overflow menu beside every login and password combination.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Password Share Option Google Chrome

The most likely assumption is that the feature will permit people to pass on passwords to others that are perfect and encrypted since Chrome already has a “copy password” button suitable for the same goal. We’ll have to assume that this feature differs at a minimum.

Google Password Manager Notes

Additionally, an Add notes column is coming. This is useful to add essential details regarding the account. It’s available in many of the Paid Password managers.

What is the reason why Password Manager needs the Share option?

There are numerous reasons to do this, particularly in teams -several people usually share social media accounts or access services for groups. The chances are that if you wish to have a secure password for these accounts, you’ll need a way of sharing the password. The password manager in Chrome already lets you copy passwords saved within the browser, but this could take things an extra step.


If you’re comfortable playing around with untested software, it’s still not operating yet, but we could see some progress on future builds in development. We’ll keep you posted when we know how this will work.

Wrap Up

The options are still in the development versions. But, Since it is a practical option, we can expect the public rollout soon. But, These options are only not enough or didn’t need quickly. What we need is a manual password add option like Microsoft Edge. Currently, We can’t save the passwords manually. Chrome only will ask for the Passwords save. Also, We need a few additional options in the official website to manage our Passwords without issues. I hope Google will look into those spaces and fill them with good ideas. Did you try out the new Notes options? Share your thoughts below.

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