Motorola Released MA1 Wireless Android Auto USB Dongle for $89

Like Android TVs, Car companies begin to use Android and Apple Auto services, Instead of using their custom UI. Most of the recent Cars have Wireless Android Auto feature support. But some of the previous versions don’t support the Wireless way and only support wired Android Auto connection. It is not a comfortable way for all. When a third person who sits in the back wants to play songs or cast the Map, They have to give their mobile and connect with your Car USB. To avoid this issue, Motorola Released MA1 Wireless Android Auto USB Dongle for $89. It works in the same way where uses your mobile Bluetooth connection to show Android Auto UI.
Android Auto Map in BMW Car

Motorola released MA1 Wireless Android Auto USB Dongle.

The Motorola MA1 may be worth checking out. It’s a USB dongle that can turn your Android Auto-enabled car into one that connects to your mobile wirelessly. The MA1 is available for 90 USD dollars ($89.95) from January 30 will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and then send out data using 5Ghz Wi-Fi. Since only a handful of vehicles have Wireless Android Auto from the factory (especially those that support it via wire), The MA1 could be a simple and affordable upgrade.

Wireless Android Auto May not a Suitable Solution in All Situations

Of course, the wireless Android Auto does have its disadvantages. Since it’s not wired, It will not charge it as you use maps to navigate or play music on the car’s display. While this may not be the best option for long drives, however, the convenience offered by the MA1’s auto-paired feature is unquestionably a plus for daily errands and commutes. It’s designed to look like a Chromecast which means it won’t appear too intrusive even if your USB ports aren’t tucked away within a console. It is also equipped with an adhesive pad for mounting if the device doesn’t rattle around.

MA1 USB Dongle comes from Motorola partner

Nowadays, many companies use other products when they feel they can make good sales. Razer released Pikachu earbuds and Fossil x Razer Smart Watch. It’s important to note that the firm behind this product isn’t the same company as Motorola who came up with many variations to this model, such as the Razr flip phone or the dial-up modem.

The MA1 comes from SGW Global (Meizhou Guo Wei Electronics Co., Ltd), described as the “Motorola Strategic Brand Partner.” In essence, it’s a business that has a license to its trademark Motorola name. (Though the MA1 is enjoyable regardless of the character that’s slapped onto it.) There aren’t many alternatives to turn the cabled Android Auto head device into a wireless version, and this MA1 could be an exciting device for Android users if it’s a good one.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

How to use Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto USB Dongle?

The product page will explain the setup process is simple: plug the MA1 adapter into the car’s already-connected Android Auto USB port, connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to the MA1 adapter, and enjoy the wireless experience of Android Auto. It’s almost too simple to believe if you want to ask me.


As mentioned earlier, Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto USB Dongle will be available from January 30, 2022, for $89.95 on the official Motorola website.

Wrap Up

From the outside, It may look like not a big deal. But Motorola noticed real-time user struggles and came with a great solution. Still, for a long drive, You can prefer the Wired method. But a Wireless connection is always handy. It gives you a situation to focus on the Drive, While other persons take control of changing Songs or other Media and Google Maps controls. Did you struggle without the Wireless option in Android Auto? What are your thoughts about Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto USB Dongle? Share your thoughts below.

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