Google fixed Chromecast Media Control Issues in Android 12 with January 2022 Update

Android 12 is a complete UI change with their new Material Theme design compared to previous Android versions. It gives, moreover, like iPhone, straightforward UI. Android 12 gives full button touch feel with its design and touch sense. But, As you know, even though a few Beta versions are rollout and tested before the Stable release When it goes to the user, We can find some common issues. Android 12 broke Chromecast Media Controls. Since most Android TV users use Chromecast with their mobiles, It is hard to control the Stream over TV remotes. Fortunately, Google fixed Chromecast Media Control Issues with January 2022 Update.
Google Pixel 5 Volume Control Android 12

The update released in January for Pixel phones corrects Android 12’s inability to utilize the volume control on your phone to alter the volume of Chromecast for most applications.

Chromecast Media Control Loss in Android 12

After the launch of Android 12, Pixel phones lost the ability to control the volume level of an ongoing Chromecast session by using the volume knob. Instead of being an issue, this feature was intentionally removed by Google in response to a “legal issue” speculated to be related to the ongoing legal battle with Sonos. Based on public statements from Googlers that the issue was to be resolved with the release of Android 12L, which is scheduled to be released later in the year.

Google fixed Chromecast Media Control Issues in Android 12 with January 2022 Update

As noted via Mishaal Rahman (a famous XDA developer on Twitter), The Jan 2022 updates for Pixel phones seem to have added the fix. Most apps now correctly allow users to control Chromecast volume using your side volume control. It is not limited to whether in the background or foreground. We were able to adjust Spotify volume while in the environment with the Pixel 5a model on the January 2022 update; however, not with the Pixel 6 Pro on the November 2022 update.

In some instances, both the controls for volume within YouTube and YouTube Music remain broken. According to a message from an official Googler, the specific issue is on YouTube itself. It is not a modification made to Android or YouTube Music. They should resolve it soon since it is said that the “YouTube Music team are looking into this.”

Google Pixel 6 owners have to wait for the fix

There’s an issue with the latest security patch. If you have the Pixel 3a or later, that is to the Pixel 5a model, you’ll be able to take the download and then install it using the manual update method. But, Pixel 6 owners are in limbo following the scandal concerning the security patch for December. Google has confirmed that that the patch for December will be available at its time to the end of January; however, we’re not sure if the new update will bring the latest patch and all other fixes.

Wrap Up

Without question, Android 12 is an entirely great UI among any Android version. But, there are still some compatibility issues, and features are missing. Google is the only current manufacturer that rollout Android 12 to its users. Most other companies like Samsung and Xiaomi are already working on the Android 12 Material Theme UI. So, Before others move the UI to a vast user base, Google should fix the common issues. Did you update your Google Pixel with  January 2022 update? Did the update fix the Chromecast Media Control issue? Share your experience below.

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