AA Wireless Android Auto Dongle available for $90 at Amazon Store

Compared with a regular Bluetooth connection in Playback, Android Auto is more intelligent and helpful in most situations. Eventhgogh we have a display and Bluetooth connections in our Cars, Android Auto should come as a default setup with our Car. Or Else we have to set it up for high-cost devices. Fortunately, With AA Wireless Android Auto Dongle, We can convert our regular Car Media System into an Android Auto Support device. AA Wireless Android Auto Dongle is now available for $90 at Amazon Store.
AA Wireless Android Auto in the Hand

Android Auto Dongles

Thanks to dongles made by Motorola and AAWireless, the requirements for these dongles are needed in the modern era. Although the Motorola MA1 is still experiencing shortages of stock as many users seek a new head unit, AAWireless has been selling directly-sold versions of the device for a while now. The moment you can purchase one is even simpler since AAWireless is now sold via Amazon.

AA Wireless Android Auto Dongle

Contrary to that Motorola’s MA1 dongle, AAWireless started with an Indiegogo campaign, which meant that the only way to purchase one was via the crowdfunding website. In June, AAWireless launched the direct sale on their website. This made it possible for anyone with a $90 burning hole in their pockets to change their experience on the road. Since AAWireless is available on Amazon, It’s also more accessible to Auto fans to incorporate wireless features into their vehicle — without requiring a separate account.

AA Wireless Dongle USB Port


AAWireless will be available from Amazon for $90, delivered directly from Amazon, and distributed on the company’s own. AAWireless is available only in the US, with the possibility of a European launch shortly. Amazon is also available for Canada and Australia in the pipeline, subject to the final approval of the device.

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Although we’re in summer, Don’t be too excited about the prospect of a road trip with a wireless connection. Amazon has announced the date of delivery as August 20th for USA addresses, which suggests that orders are growing. The good news is that shipping will be free for Prime and non-Prime customers.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Buy AA Wireless Dongle

How can I buy it on the Official Site?

AA Wireless is not only available on Amazon and Indiegogo websites. Currently, it is also available on their official site.

AA Wireless Purchase Page

  • Select how many Dongles you need for you. Sometimes people who use more than one car in the family need more dongles. 
  • For United States addresses, The Shipping is free, and you can get the product within 5-7 days. The rate may vary for other countries based on the distance from the Unites States.

Wrap Up

Did you plan to buy AA Wireless Dongle? While Motorola Dongle is not widely available in all countries and always goes out of stock once the official website is filled with stock, AA wireless is not a bad alternative. It works the same way as Motorola Android Auto Dongle. Also, price-wise, both come under the $89.99 price tag. Did you try out any alternate Android Auto Dongle? Share your experience below.

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