Netflix Indian Long-term Plans may get 50% Offer

Unlike other countries, India streaming Platforms have a lot of competition. Because most of the Indian users are committed to Amazon Prime, they not only deliver the Goods with the 1 Day delivery under the Prime, but They also provide Amazon Music and Video. On the other side, Zee5 and Hotstar are providing streaming services with exclusive content and New movies at a reasonable price. Due to some unique region contents, most of the users are using those services. So, surviving with these services and competing against them can be Hard for Netflix. Also, the subscription service is not cheap compared with others. So, To attract users, they Launched Mobile-Only Plan with a price tag of INR 199/Month. Now they are testing Long-Terms plans with Up to 50% offer with some limited Groups. If It succeeds, they may roll out this plan to others.
Netflix in Android TV

Price of New Long-term Plans

The new plans are not still cheap compare with others. Where they provide streaming service for INR 999/Year ($14/Year). Also, most of the movies and Web series can be accessed there. Netflix has a vast list when considering International content. But, they have some limited content in India. They keep adding more and more. But, Currently, It looks like not enough for what we are paying. I attached the current plan below.

Netflix Indian Monthly Plans

If you notice, you have to spend INR 9588/Year. This is a considerable amount compared with the INR 999/Year. In Hotstar and Amazon Prime, you will get new films within 30-50 Days from the release date. They also give seamless connectivity within devices. So, to survive here, you have to provide more content at a reasonable price. Netflix knows this. So, they are testing the below new plan in a limited amount of users. You can access HD, only in the INR 649/month plan.

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Long-term Plan Netflix India Prices

The Long-term plan starts from 3 to 6 and 12 Months. Based on the duration, the plan gets the offer. Three months plan receives a 20% offer. The Annual program receives a 50% offer with the price tag of INR 4,799($68 approx). The six months plan is INR 3,359($48 approx), and Three months plan is INR 1,919($28 approx). But there is no information about the restrictions about the Resolution and number of devices.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Is it Worth to Buy Netflix Long-term Plans?

It depends on you. Currently, there may be limited Region content. But, If you watch the International materials, It is worth to buy. If you have additional devices like Tablets, TVs, it can be a big save for you. In the Netflix side, they will gain a lot of long-time loyal users. It is a prepaid payment. So, they can invest in a lot of series. Netflix has to face the competition with the Disney+. Thus, Introducing a reduced annual plan can gain a lot of users. If they introduced a yearly plan on mobile only, The price would be INR 1,194 ($17 approx). My opinion is they will get more users in India with this plan.

Wrap Up

Competition is good in tech. So, users will get a lot of offers. In general, Netflix is an International streaming treasure. You can’t get bored. Also, In most of the new mobiles, you can access this protected content with the Widevine L1 certification. Most of the streaming devices come dedicated Netflix Button. From this, you can know how much Netflix spread among us. So, If you feel it is worthy of buying Annual plans, you can buy with the offer. Did you think it is worth it? Comment below.

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