How to activate apt-X HD, SBC, AAC, and LDAC Bluetooth Audio Codecs in Android Mobiles?

Change Bluetooth Codecs Android Mobiles

Even if we are growing in technology every year in Smartphone Industry, We still need connectivity methods to interact with other hardware accessories. One of the common techniques used to interact with Audio devices is Bluetooth. In Bluetooth, There are plenty of new technologies and versions added to improve the connection and decrease the connectivity […]

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How to use Twitter DMs Old Conversation Search Bar in Android Mobiles and Desktop Browser?

Twitter DMs Search Bar in Android Mobile

Sometimes even lead tech companies will not include few user-required features. It may affect the platform. Or they didn’t notice the required features. Messages Search is one of the important things in any Message handling platform. Even in mobile default SMS, Mobiel companies begin to add the feature. Most platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google […]

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