Google Launched Exclusive Enterprise Pixel Phones For Business People

Google Pixel 4 Rear Side

Other than regular usage mobiles, There are exclusive mobile is available for various purposes. Rugged mobiles are used in Construction related works. They have a standard processor and OS. The difference the manufacturers will optimize the mobile for specific employment or purpose. Samsung already has Enterprise exclusive Galaxy mobiles. They have a high secured version […]

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Root Samsung Galaxy Note 10 LTE/5G Exynos SM-N970F/N971N Android 11 using TWRP and Magisk

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Display Adavanced Settings

Samsung releases a bunch of mobiles every year. But their flagship mobile is a trademark for them. In the initial months, They will release Samsung “S” series. After few months, they will release the “Note” series. Regular users always buy the S series. Business People and Art related users buy the Note series because the […]

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