Realme will release 80W and 150W Fast Charging mobiles soon

We have grown a lot in mobile technologies in recent years. But when it comes to batteries, We are still using old technologies; for a battery revolution, We have to wait for long years. But, Mobile specs trends are changing quickly compared with any other electronic device; manufacturers need to solve these issues so that they can do something with their hands. So, Instead of waiting for new technology in the battery, They begin to provide fast chargers that can reduce the time of charging and somehow help us. But the problem is we can’t push enormous power into our mobile. We need supporting infrastructure in our mobiles too. We already saw 30W, 45, and even 60W chargers supporting mobiles. Now, Realme is working on 80W and 150W Fast Charging mobiles, and the release can be soon.
Realme Dart Fast Charging

Realme’s 125W Dart Charger

Realme has already announced UltraDART 125W charging technology in July 2020. The company’s Vice President of sales and marketing, Madhav Sheth. In October of last year, Madhav Sheth told the media that it planned to unveil its first 125W smartphone in 2022. Its GT 2 Pro was supposed to power at 125W; however, it didn’t happen as they launched the phone with a 65W charger. As we wait for the launch of the 125W UltraDART technology, recent speculation suggests that Realme will introduce smartphones with the power of 150W and 80W.

Realme is working on 80W and 150W Fast Charging mobiles.

Realme 80W and 150W Fast Charging mobiles Weibo Leak

According to an earlier Weibo post from the well-known Tipster, Digital Chat Station Realme phones will come with 80W quick charging and 150W rapid charging. “Realme will also offer the latest 80W and 150W super flash charging devices. The second charger is the top of the model, with up to 160W of power in the factory green. The speed is extremely fast, as I mentioned earlier. Dimensity 8000 will be coming soon and won’t be for too long.” in the Weibo message read.

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The smartphone with the fastest charging speed that Realme has in its portfolio is the Realme GT 2 Pro released this month. The flagship model comes with a 5,000mAh battery, which also has the capability of 65W rapid-changing. The company is gearing to publish the phone in India shortly. The company’s Vice President, Madhav Sheth, teased the phone’s launch in a post on Twitter. The VP also shared an image of the forthcoming phone in his tweet. The picture shows the phone’s front side with punched-hole camera cutouts at the upper-left corner.

We may get some tease or further details in the upcoming event

Realme’s attention is now on its Feb. 16’s event, at which it will reveal its Realme 9 Pro series. The company has announced the lineup, which includes one of its models, the Realme 9 Pro+ that will run on the Dimensity 920 SoC, run Android 12-based RealmeUI 3.0, and sport an AMOLED display that has fingerprint readers beneath which can also monitor the heart’s rate.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Realme 9 Pro Changing Color in the Sun

The phone will come with three cameras on the rear. It will be accompanied by a 50MP Sony IX766 model with OIS. The screen will sport Light Shift Design, altering the Sunrise Blue version’s color under light.

Wrap Up

High power charging is not suitable for mobile battery health. Chargers can’t push that much power to the mobile for a long time. That’s why only up to 50-60% charger will give full charging speed; it will slow down the power output when the char percentage becomes high. But we can get a lower overall 0-100% charging rate than other mobiles.

According to the theory, a 150W charger supporting mobiles with a 5000mAh battery can go from 0 to 100% in 20 minutes. But, In Reality, we can expect 30-60 minutes. What are your thoughts about Realme 80W and 150W Fast Charging mobiles? Did you feel it is helpful for you, or can it affect your mobile in the long term? Share your thoughts below.

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