Root Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 SM-J320F/FN/G/Y Lollipop 5.1.1 using TWRP

Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 is a Low-End phone with Minimum Specs for regular usage. So, If you sue it as a daily device, you can experience a lot of issues like Slow response, Lag, Some times Restarts like that. If you use it for gaming, After playing 1-2 Hours, you can experience a lot of freeze issues. The problem is Custom Skin OS will consume a lot of resources compared with the Stock Android. So, If you ask me Should I root? I will Say if you have some skills in Flashing techniques. If you are a regular user, You should learn About rooting, and If you feel you need this, you can proceed to the following Steps. Using ODIN is not hard like Commands. It is Easy for standard unlocked Bootloader devices.
Samsung J3 2016 with Leaf Background

Why should you Root Samsung Galaxy J3 2016?

You have only 2 GB of RAM. It is not enough for Normal usage. Samsung stopped updates for your device and also your warranty is expired, So there is no giveaway here. It has a Mid-Range Exynos 3475 Quad-Core processor. If we optimize correctly with correct Custom OS after rooting, we can see some Improvements. So, after rooting, I can expect Lag free experience? Probably. Also if we hibernate and eliminate a lot of unwanted apps, and optimize some apps, your device is hardware limited. But, within these limits, we can enhance the performance by 30-40% compared with your old usage. If you use Lite weight Custom ROMs, you can expect a 50-60% improvement in performance based on what custom OS you are choosing.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 ( SM-J320F / SM-J320FN / SM-J320G / SM-J320Y )

Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 comes with a flexible bootloader other than Verizon devices. Verizon devices come with locked Bootloader. This means that different smartphone variants can be easily rooted. Also, the device can accept to install TWRP recovery or any other custom recovery file/app alike.

TWRP recovery is a custom recovery file which must be installed on Samsung Galaxy devices because you can root them successfully. In this article, we explained the easiest method to follow and install TWRP recovery on Samsung Galaxy J3 2016. However, the tool required for rooting this device is the Magisk App.

With the help of TWRP Recovery, you can quickly flash the latest version of Magisk into your Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 to gain root access. Before sharing the tutorial, you may want to know that, with the TWRP recovery present on your device, you can easily install any custom ROM or firmware. Does it seem complicated? Relax, everything will be explained succinctly in bullets.

Things to check out for;

  • Check your device model number.

  • Select TWRP Based on the mobile model number.
  • Make sure your device battery is charged above 50%

  • Backup your current files and data, just in case (save them on external storage).

Pre-Requirement Steps

Enabling developer option

  • Enable USB Debugging Mode and OEM Unlock in your mobile. To do this; go to settings >>> about >>> Tap on the “Build Number” 7-10 times consistently to enable “Developer Options,” then go to the “Developer Options” and enable USB Debugging Mode and OEM Unlock. There is no complicated process in the Samsung Galaxy J3 2016.

  • Also, download the ODIN software. Select the above Oreo version in the ODIN list. Install ODIN on your PC.

  • Download Magisk.Zip (Latest Version) and Copy it to Your Phone Memory.
  • Download and save the TWRP File. Please select the correct model number TWRP file.

  • When the above TWRP files, doesn’t work for you, then you can try with below Generic file for SM-J320.

Flash TWRP using ODIN

J3 2016 Download Mode


  • Restart the device. Then, enter into Download mode. To do this; press and hold down the Volume Down + Home+ Power buttons at the same time for some time.

Samsung J3 2016 Download Mode Warning Screen


  • Press the Volume Up button to continue when you see the warning message.

  • Now, connect the Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 mobile to the computer via USB cable.

  • Launch the Odin app on your computer. If the device is detected by this app (Odin), it will show you a message that reads – added!!!

ODIN Added Message


However, if the device is not correctly connected to the PC, you won’t see this message. So, you have to check the USB cable if it is reasonable and reconnect the device.

  • After connecting the Samsung device, click on the PDA/PA button to browse/search and get the TWRP from where you saved it on your PC. Also, navigate to “options” and un-tick the Auto-Reboot.

Odin Auto Reboot

  • Click on “Start”

  • Once the file is loaded into the device, reboot your device.

  • Kudos, you have just Installed the TWRP on your Samsung Galaxy J3 2016. If you installed TWRP, Don’t turn on your mobile. Immediately, move to Magisk Installation steps.

Install Magisk in your Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 using TWRP

  • Boot it Into recovery mode->Volume Up+ Home +Power Button.
  • Now it Will Boot into TWRP Recovery Mode.
  • Select Wipe->Advance Wipe->Select Cache Data.
  • Return to Home of TWRP select Install.
  • Select Magisk.Zip.
  • After the Installation Reboot Your Mobile.

What More?

Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 is a Low-End phone; We can’t expect Massive Improvement. But, If you use Lite weight Custom Roms, you can expect a considerable performance Improvement. So, If you have little knowledge in tech, I advise you to Root and uninstall some unwanted apps. You can also flash some Custom ROMs. If you flash Custom ROM, check what is working and what is not working. It is wise to use Some Official Custom ROMs like Lineage.

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30 thoughts on “Root Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 SM-J320F/FN/G/Y Lollipop 5.1.1 using TWRP

  1. Bonjour, je suis actuellement en train de rooter mon téléphone (SM-J320F), mais le fichier TWRP que j’ai téléchargé (Via le tutoriel donnant différente version -> J’ai choisi la J320F) s’appelle recovery, et c’est une image disque en .img
    De ce fait, je ne peux ajouter le fichier via Odin car les seules propositions données sont des .tar .md5 .smd .gz et .tgz
    Pourriez vous m’aider ? (Assez rapidement car je suis en plein root du téléphone s’il vous plait)

    • In English this is better ^^ :

      Hello, I am currently rooting my phone (SM-J320F), but the TWRP file I downloaded (Via the tutorial giving different version -> I chose the J320F) is called “recovery”, and it is a disk image in “.img”
      Because of this, I can not add the file with Odin because the only given suggestions are “.tar” “.md5” “.smd” “.gz” and “.tgz”
      Could you help me ? (Quite quickly because I’m in full root of the phone ^^’)

      • The file you download is a .tar file. Do not extract the tar file. you should flash the .tar file directly. If you extract the .tar file, it will give you the .img file.

    • Le fichier que vous téléchargez est un fichier .tar. Ne pas extraire le fichier de tar. vous devriez flasher le fichier .tar directement. Si vous extrayez le fichier .tar, il vous donnera le fichier .img.

  2. Hello. I tried your procedure, the installation with ODIN was successful, but after rebooting in recovery mode the phone does not load the recovery, the display keeps showing the android symbol with the words “downloading” and “don’t turn off-target.” Any tip?

    • Reboot to recovery mode. Press Volume Down+ Power Button to exit download mode and Press Volume Up+Power Button Enter into recovery mode and flash Magisk.

  3. Hi, I’ve been given the sm j320fn by a friend, so but after a factory reset, it won’t allow me to use as old Gmail account as been forgotten, so how do I bypass? Can I flash using spft instead of Odin as no USB debug on, pc/Odin won’t detect, please advise. Conner.

    • If you do a hard reset, you don’t have any data. So, Flash the firmware using ODIN and login with your Gmail Account. Google Account recovery can help you to recover the account.

  4. after clicking AP on Odin, then pressing the start button, there was a message as pass in Odin, but after that, my phone automatically takes the restart, but it wasn’t rooted; what can I do?

  5. I rooted my sm-j320F with the steps, and thanks to you, it was successful. And now I need to flash the best Rom compatible with it any idea??.

    • There is no official Custom ROMs are currently available. But, If you want to try Custom ROMs, begin with Lineage. It will work well with fewer issues. But, Most of them don’t work well with VoLTE. So, If you depend on the VoLTE network, stay with the stock firmware.

  6. When I start the recovery mode, the menu does not show the item “Wipe-> Advance Wipe-> Select Cache Data” but “wipe/data/factory reset and “wipe cache partition.” It seems it’s in a normal recovery mode, not in special TWPR recovery mode. May help? Thank you.

  7. Hello, I did everything as explained in this tutorial, but then when installing Magisk v12.0 (update from external storage) I get a failure:
    E: failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: signature verification failed
    and this happens a couple of times.
    Then, it says:
    Install from sdcard complete
    Applying update complete
    and it reboots although I un-ticked auto reboot in Odin3 v3.11
    Any ideas? I’m quite desperate!
    Thank you!

  8. Not able to reboot into TWRP recovery mode. It says “no command” when I try to enter recovery mode and then shows a different menu than what you mentioned in the blog.

  9. Hi, please help me. Stuck in recovery mode. it’s not possible to”Return to Home of TWRP select Install.” there is no “install option.”

  10. So I have a problem. I have an SM-J320F. I turn on both OEM unlock and USB debugging, I download ODIN and the rest of the files, go into download mode, and flash(Auto-Reboot is off). The flash completes within seconds, and ODIN gives “Pass!” and the progress bar in the download mode appears filled. No errors, no anything. I turn off my phone and boot into recovery mode. I see the Recovery mode that I’ve always had – it’s like TWRP wasn’t installed, but I flashed it. Attempted the same flash at least 5 times. I tried different stuff like taking out the battery after the flashing finishes and then booting into recovery mode – no luck, I still have the default recovery. Any clues to what may be wrong, I downloaded the correct files and the TWRP tar for the SM-J320F(my phone). Please help.

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