Download Samsung Galaxy M30s SM-M3070/F/FN Pie 9.0 One UI Stock Firmware

Samsung Goes beyond the level in the specs of Samsung Galaxy M30s when considering the price. Coming to Software, It comes with One UI 1.0 based on Pie 9.0 update. This device will surely receive two Major upgrades and regular patch updates. As usual, you can update your mobile using software update in settings. But, This can’t happen in some scenarios. You may move to a different region, Some software issues and you accidentally bricked your device. In those situations, you can use this manual ODIN method. Rooted users should update their mobile using the Flashify app or Update using TWRP and Flash Magisk. Direct flash will remove root access from your mobile.
Samsung Galaxy M30s with White Tile Wall Background

On the other side, you can use this method to remove root access from your mobile. There are plenty of features added to this pie version. Adaptive Brightness, Adaptive Battery, and Improved Gestures are some noticeable general features in the Pie version. Samsung Exclusively added some extra features. If you are already using Custom ROM, use this new OS for some weeks. It will surely give you a unique experience.

One UI Pie Firmware Flash- Samsung Galaxy M30s

Official OTA Method

If you want to update a security patch to the current month. Don’t go for the manual method. Try this Automatic method.

The process is straightforward and simple;

checking for software update android

  • Go to your device setting menu and scroll down to the bottom

    Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
    Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
  • Tap on “Software Update”

  • You may have to refresh the page to start the OTA upgrade process.

Manual Method (SM-M307F)


  • Check Your Device Mobile No. If you flash Different model number, you will lose some features based on your region.
  • Battery Percentage Above 50.
  • Backup Your Device.

Using ODIN Method

Enabling developer option

  • Enable USB Debugging Mode and OEM Unlock; you’ll find these options at Settings >>> Developer options. If you didn’t see the developer options on your settings menu, then go to about >>> build number; click on the “Build Number” row for about ten times regularly to activate “Developer Option” on your device.

  • We are using third party software flashing. Download ODIN and install this also on your PC. In version, select Pie supporting version ODIN.
  • Download Firmware From below links, For Samsung Galaxy M30s Official Firmware.

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G Download Mode

  • Switch off your Mobile. Enter into Download mode->Volume Down+ Volume Up Button and Connect Your Mobile To PC via USB Cable, After Samsung Logo Appear, Release all keys.

Samsung Galaxy M30 Download Mode Warning Screen

  • After entering into Download Mode, it will say Warning, Press Volume Up button to continue.
  • Launch Odin Application.

ODIN Added Message

  • It Will Show the message added.
  • If you did not get this message Repeat the above steps.

ODIN software screenshot

  • After Getting Added Message Select, AP/PDA Button, then Browse for the Firmware file selects it. Tick the Auto-Reboot.

Odin Auto Reboot

  • Press Start wait for the tasks to complete. It will automatically reboot after the process ends.
Check Firmware
  • You can Check the Firmware Details->Settings->About->Version.

One UI Features

Samsung One UI Screenshots

One UI

  • Content, settings, and every option are modified to use mobile in handy.

  • Options moved to the Bottom position so that you can use comfortably in one hand.

  • Night Mode available to reduce eye stress.


  • You can quickly reply to messages within the notification bar.

  • Image thumbnails are available.

Samsung Keyboard

  • New Unicode 11.0 emojis are available.

  • The floating keyboard is available in all apps; it will be handy when using your mobile in landscape mode.

  • You can now set a custom touch and hold delay.

Always On Display

  • New clock styles have been added, Charging Information is also available.


  • Menus have been reorganized to find every essential and frequent usage easily.


  • Now you can remap Bixby with the latest OTA.


  • Call History increased to 2000 entries (increased from 500 entries).


  • Now you can manage contacts from various accounts with a new drawer menu.


  • Enhanced features are available now with AI Features.


  • Photo Editor App Available.

My Files

  • New Storage Analysis Tool is available to Monitor Storage and RAM Usage.

Samsung Health

  • Samsung Health Steps counter available in the Notification Bar.

Other improvements and changes

  • Access Kids Home Available in the quick panel.

  • Call stickers have been removed.

  • HEIF images are now supported in Gallery and other apps.

Wrap Up

Selecting correct firmware is the Major step in this process. Based on your country or region, choose the firmware. It is a Manual ODIN process; You can flash the latest version. But if you use the sideload method, you should flash the next version of your mobile firmware, or else the process may brick your device. There are plenty of features added. Improved gestures are one of the best features in this version. When you moved to a new region, You can try VPN and adjust to your Purchased Country and try the update. There are plenty of Free VPNs are available. Most of the time, It will work. If you can’t find your region, you can flash the near region firmware. But, It should be within the same model number. After the flash, you can contact your Mobile Operator and configure your Network settings.

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28 thoughts on “Download Samsung Galaxy M30s SM-M3070/F/FN Pie 9.0 One UI Stock Firmware

  1. Hello! I want to flash my m30s version 3070, but I can’t unlock bootloader and cant flash with the Indian version. Can you send me instructions on how to unlock the bootloader without Knox? Thank you very much.

    • You can’t flash the Other region versions in Chinese Variant. It can be done only in the International “F” variant. The Processor is the same. But, Due to some firmware coupled with the hardware, We can’t do this.

  2. Hallo, suche Firmware für M30s, mit Gespräch Aufzeichnung. Die Einstellung unter den 3 Punkten im Telefon fehlt bei mir. Es sollte aber auch deutsch Sprache enthalten.

    • Nach dem Pie-Update können Sie ohne Rooting keine Anrufe mehr aufzeichnen. Möglicherweise sind einige Apps verfügbar. Aber sie haben nicht wie erwartet funktioniert.

  3. Hello! I have Samsung m30s china version 6+128 GB 3070,
    I want to flash international firmware, can you advise me a suitable version thanks.

    • Flashing different model number may not work. But, Due to the same chipset, the working possibility is high. You can try with the International “F” variant.

      • Thank you very much, Can F firmware affect the network? Because in the Chinese version include TD-LTE, will it not change IMEI and 4g LTE?

        • Surely It will affect the Bandwidth. Based on your Current Region and your Mobile Operator frequency, Choose the correct firmware.

          • Hi Selva,
            Thank you for your guidance. I think your advice may be based on another model, not M30s. On my SM-M3070, after pressing the Volume + plug the USB cable, the screen shown is a little different, it says Volume + is to lock bootloader and factory reset, while Volume – is to unlock bootloader and restart.

            I select Volume + and reset the phone. Then I do it again and select Volume -, the phone reboot to the interface like a new one (i.e., it asks you to do some initial settings). Then I powered off the phone and tried again:

            1, If I start the phone by pressing Volume + and Volume – and pluging cable, and entering the Downloading mode, there will be a lot of information on the screen, says the OEM lock is off, and so on. I noticed that there is “Secure Download: Enable” in the report. Nothing happened to the downloading after I press the Start in Odin.

            2, If I start the device by pressing Volume + and Power, it goes into a downloading mode without information except for the “Downloading Mode,” and the flashing process failed again, same as the above failure, has no progress on the progressing bar.

            So I can’t change the region firmware. If you know how to change, could you write another article?

            Thank you very much again.

          • Thank you for your detailed feedback. First of all, I Think you already unlocked your Bootloader. Because you have to set up the device like new, if anything wrong with the OS, you should get a message like Error. But, You didn’t even connect your mobile with ODIN. I advise you to double-check the Bootloader unlock and try with the latest version of ODIN. You should remove all locks on your mobile. Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlock, try after this if you face any problem, comment again.

    • Hi friend,

      I also have the Chinese version (M3070) and wanna change to another region’s version (M307F) to use Google freely, but I failed with a “secure check fail (bootloader)” error. Have you succeeded in changing your phone?

      • All of the Samsung mobiles work freely with different Region, Within Model Number. But sometimes the same processor can work well with varying numbers of the model. If you consider other mobiles, “F” model versions can work well with “N/K/S.” But, It will different depend on the device. Due to you are in the china region, maybe the problem occurs.

        • Thank you very much for the prompt response, Selva. I feedback here to your comments above.

          First, I’m sure that the bootloader was unlocked because the phone warned me when it reboot. I Have tried ODIN, ODIN showed the device connected, but after I pressed the “start” button, it did not flash the M307F firmware into the phone. The downloading progress bar on the phone has no progress; even I waited for several minutes. So I have to press the power and Volume + to cancel the flashing. I tried two M307F firmware, one for India and the other for Indonesia, neither worked.

          I have been using Samsung phones for eight years, and rooted phones/ flashed modified firmware before, so have some experience with the operations. I guess my M3070 may think M307F is a different model, so the M307F firmware is not suitable, And there is a “Secure Download: Enable” lock, which I mentioned yesterday. But I don’t know how to unlock this lock.

          Chiang’s market is enormous, but also very different from other countries — in fact, everything is different in China — so Samsung tends to provide unique products here, although I think M3070 has the same hardware with M307F. I’ll try to find the answer for the “Secure Download: Enable” lock and will come back to share it with you if I see it.

          Thank you again.

          • Thank you for the detailed information as per your details. In new devices, Samsung added a lot of security measures. In Industrial Samsung phones, Even if you Root and Remove Bloatware apps, They will come back again. And It is hard to Root due to Knox Security. So, This model number is not like International “F” or other model numbers. Where we can flash the different region firmware within the same model number, if I find any solutions regarding this, I will surely contact you.

        • Thank you very much for a prompt response. I feedback your two comments here.
          I Have connected the phone to ODIN, but the flashing of M307F firmware failed. Odin showed the phone was connected. Still, the downloading progress bar had no progress after I pressed the “start” button in ODIN, even I waited for it for several minutes, and there was no failure information both on the phone or in ODIN. I’m sure the bootloader was unlocked.
          But I think this time, the M3070 has the same hardware as the M307F. I’ll try to research how to unlock the “Secure download: Enable” lock. If I find out, I will come back to share it with you.
          Thank you again, Selva.

  4. I got an OTA update today for my M30s, after which my sim card is not getting detected. I tried putting other sim cards as well. still not working. Can I flash this ROM(below from samfrew using ODIN? Please explain if any additional steps

    INS M307FXXU1ASJ2 + M307FODM1ASJ1 [ Android Pie ] 2019-10-21 #16733406

    Or is there anything else I can do to solve this sim detection problem?

      • Open Keyboard in Messages. Long Press Task Manager Key. You will find settings Icon. Enable Tools bar in Settings Icon. After that, You will find the ClipBoard in the Tools Section. If you can’t find it again, Press the Down arrow in the Toolbar. Maybe the Clipboard is hidden in the menu.

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