Samsung is going to Launch its HDR10+ Gaming Display in CES 2022

While some of the leading tech companies like Google, Weibo, and T-Mobile Opt-Out In-Person attend CES 2022, some giants like Samsung are still willing to participate in the event. As you already know, CES is full of new product launches and features. This year, Samsung plans to launch its HDR10+ Gaming Display in CES 2022. The design will be their previous popular Gaming display- Odyssey, and also planning to demonstrate some of the supporting games. But it would be best if you had high Nvidia Graphics card support to play HDR10+ games. Most of the Stream Gamers prefer high-end displays.
Samsung Odyssey Display With sRGB Rating

Samsung HDR10+ Displays

HDR10+ Gaming specification is a broader game-oriented version of HDR10 that can be automatically calibrated. Samsung has unveiled its first TVs that be compatible with HDR10+ Gaming. HDR10+ Gaming was first revealed at the end of October; however, it is now Samsung announcing its brand new 2022 QLED lineup of TVs (Q70 and higher) and gaming-focused monitors arenas among the first to be able to use the standard.

Samsung HDR10+ TV Display

Samsung Exclusive HDR10+ Gaming Display in CES 2022

Samsung collaborated with Saber Interactive to support HDR10+ to Redout 2 and Pinball FX. Both will be on display during CES 2022 (as that the game’s creator isn’t forced to drop the game). Game Mechanic Studios will also present their HDR10+ gaming game Happy Trails and Kidnapped Princess on the floor.

Samsung HDR10+ Gaming Display CES 2022 1

But what exactly is HDR10+, and why should displays benefit from it? On the surface, it’s a significant enhancement compared to HDR10 in that it can deliver a brighter peak. HDR10Plus also has compatibility with VRR (variable refresh rate) and an auto low latency mode which can drastically reduce the lag in wireless controllers’ inputs and makes it an ideal gaming device.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Samsung’s 2022 gaming and TV range will be compatible with the HDR10+ Gaming standard, permitting the automated HDR calibration that delivers breathtaking image quality that meets the demands of game developers. This will result in some of the fastest, most precise, and responsive gaming experiences that have been available today.

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What is Special about HDR10+ Samsung Gaming Displays?

By eliminating the need to set up the settings manually when the games load, something that was only available with movies or television, The game engine optimizes the video game’s video game content to be played in real-time. This feature guarantees clarity in dark shadows and preserves the most brilliant highlights to ensure that players can be aware of and react to anything on the screen. The display is also set for “true reference mode,” giving better color without requiring gamers to adjust with game settings.


The entire enjoyment is a part of HDR10+, similar to Dolby Vision. To get the full experience, the entire system is vertically integrated to support the format. That means if you want to experience HDR10and Gaming on your computer will require an Nvidia graphics card as well as a game built with the added visual metadata and one of Samsung’s latest displays that can output HDR10+. Only a few Nividia Graphics cards support GeForce RTX 30 Series, RTX 20 Series, and GTX 16 Series GPUs.

Wrap Up

Since some of the companies are already planning to go for Virtual only events in CES 2022, Samsung needs Gaming companies also for the demonstration. Or Else, They may launch the product and demonstrate can be on the Virtual platforms. When it comes to displaying related products, Samsung always gives its best. That’s why their AMOLED displays on the mobiles are popular among the people. The display may not look like a big deal for regular users, But gamers have to go beyond the device’s limit to get the best result in Graphics and Gaming experience. What are you think about the new Samsung display? Share your thoughts below.

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