Select Text ability from Tweet coming to Twitter Android

Even though our smartphones have many features, companies sometimes don’t focus on small things, but they can’t affect our daily lives. SMS search made a significant impact on real-time tasks. Now, Every Messaging app comes with a search feature. Selecting text from a paragraph or message is still a challenging task, and some manufacturers don’t provide this feature as a system-level default. Thus, when the apps don’t have this feature, You can’t select the particular text. You have to copy the whole message and edit it in Notepad. The same issue always happens with Twitter. Now, Select Text ability from Tweet coming to Twitter Android.
Twitter Text Selection Android

Select Text ability coming to Twitter Android

Twitter for Android hasn’t been able to meet the needs of simple text selection. However, in the past, users have discovered a way to get around this issue with the Overview Selection feature (a helpful feature that allows you to choose text from any screen and duplicate and then paste it). The upcoming feature was mentioned by leaker and secret investigator Jane Manchun Wong in a tweet she posted early on Saturday. However, as per the podcaster and Android specialist Mishaal Rahman, the function is not available for a tiny range of smartphones.

Tweet Text Selection Android

It’s about time Twitter started working on an option for users to copy and select words from their Android version of the application (and not coming up with a method to make it an optional feature that costs money, which Twitter is contemplating with different tools). It’s also odd that it took this long to make it available, but optimistic that it could be coming soon. We’ll need to wait and watch when the new update comes out.

What is Special About Tweet Text Selection?

The option to select text or images isn’t present across every Android device. (Google’s is proprietary, however other OEMs might have created their own.) Other than Google Pixels, I don’t know whether other devices also have it.

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Wrap Up

Some options may look small from the outside. But, In real-time situations, they may impact big. Selecting text within Tweet reduces the time of copying and pasting the whole text and the need for additional apps and editing. Compared with iPhone, Twitter always treats Android as a secondary platform. I hope we can see new improvements in the Android platform also. How much will the text selection help you on Twitter? Share your thoughts below.

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