How to Signup for Google Fiber 5Gbps and 8Gbps Plans?

While most of the world countries go towards 100Mbps as a minimum Internet Speed, It is still not achievable most of the time. But, We are evolving a lot recently, and most developed places use 1Gbps internet connections. When it comes to internet speed, google is always on another level. When the world is getting into 100Mbps, They move to 2Gbps plans. Now, Google is planning to provide 5Gbps and 8Gbps Google Fiber Plans from Q1, 2023. Yes, Unlike other companies, Google Fiber is not widely available worldwide. It is only available in a few countries and regions.
Google Fiber Router Setup

Google Fiber 5Gbps and 8Gbps Plans

Google Fiber will provide 5Gbps and 8Gbps tiers beginning in 2023. According to Amalia O’Sullivan, the director for product management, these new offerings are being pitched to creative professionals and those who work with large amounts of data or “in the cloud,” as well as households with many users sharing the internet.

Official Statement

Google Fiber Available Places

Amalia  O’Sullivan (Director of product management) writes that 5 Gig will simultaneously make it much easier to upload and download files, regardless of size. O’Sullivan writes that 8 Gig will make it easier to upload and download simultaneously, regardless of file size. The 5Gbps tier costs $125 per month, and the 8Gbps Tier will cost $150 per month. Both will offer symmetrical upload/download speeds.

Amalia  O’Sullivan states that if you’re a Google Fiber customer in Utah, Kansas City, or West Des Moines, these products could be available as soon as next month.

How do I sign up for early 5Gbps and 8Gbps Google Fiber plans?

You can opt-in to the early plans if you already use Google Fiber. You have to fill out the form with the necessary details. You must fill in the details like Your Name, Personal Details, and frequent feedback timings. You will be invited to the plan based on your need and queue.


Google Fiber Plans

Google Fiber will provide symmetrical upload/download speeds of 5 and 8 gig. For $125/month, the 5 Gig plan is available. The 8 Gig plan costs $150 per month. It comes with a WiFi 6 router (people also can use their own), two mesh extenders, and professional installation.

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Google’s approach to Fiber

The company revealed significant expansion plans in August. These included the plan to bring Fiber to Idaho, Nevada, and Nebraska. The new speed tiers, announced Thursday, build upon the 2Gbps offering launched in 2020.

Wrap Up

Google Fiber is impressive in reality. They always think about the future and go above all the technologies. Even though, in fact, 5Gbps and 8Gbps Google fiber plans look unnecessary when you have powerful consuming devices like 4K Android TV or high file sharing devices, it will be helpful for you. What are your thoughts about the new Google Fiber plans? Share it below.

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