Google Fiber 2 Gig Available Cities and Price

Nowadays, Everything is becoming Online. The transition between 3G to 4G takes a long time. But The Transition of 5G is happening fast. People know a lot about technologies, and they want to adapt to them. But all these technologies rely on the Internet. We can praise ourselves with new technologies in the paper. But in reality, the 5G network doesn’t provide the same speed in all locations. Wireless Networks can’t provide the same speed in all areas like Wired. So, That People still using Wired networks like Fiber. Companies like Google Can provide 1Gbps speed in Fiber with low latency. Now Google is expanding its Fiber to 2 Gb speed. Here we listed Google Fiber 2 Gig Available Cities and Price.
Google Fiber 2 Gig Supporting Devices

For people who are getting to know about Google Fiber for the first time, Google’s gigabyte internet service provides up to 2Gb speed for upload and downloads. Well, the service is not available worldwide – it’s not even available nationwide – it’s just available in select cities. The first was Google Fiber 1Gb, which delivers 1Gb speed, and then the Google Fiber 2Gb was later launched, sometimes later, and it provides a whopping 2Gb internet speed.

Which Cities can you get Google Fiber 2Gb?

Google Fiber 2 Gig vs 1 Gig

Last year, September 2020, Google Fiber announced it is working on a “2 Gig” tier to offer 2-gigabyte internet speed for uploads and download. Well, the service has been launched in select cities. The Fiber 2Gb service launched with a Wi-Fi 6 Google Fiber Multi-Gig Router and included a Tri-band Mesh Extender. Now, here are the cities where you can enjoy the service. 2 Gig in the internet speed means, You can download 200MB of real-time media data per second. In reality, within five seconds, You can download 1Gb of data.

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1. Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina, is the newest city to get Google Fiber 2 Gig. If you live in Charlotte, you will need to check if the service is available in your street by entering your street address in the provided address bar at The service is available for new and existing customers.

2. Austin, Texas

Google Fiber 2Gb is available in Austin, Texas. The service got to this area in February 2021. New and existing customers can check for availability on the official Google Fiber website.

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Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

3. Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Yea, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, also got the Fiber 2Gb service since February 2021. If you live here, you can check if the service is available on your street.

4. Irvine, California

Residents of Irvine, California, can now check if they can get the Fiber 2Gb internet service from Google.

5. Atlanta, Georgia

As of January 26, 2021, Google Fiber 2Gb reached had reached Atlanta, Georgia. Google also announced that customers could get faster speeds over a wired Cat 6 cable and recommends using an adapter/dongle for devices that lack an Ethernet port.

6. Salt Lake Valley

Salt Lake Valley residents can check if their street got the Fiber 2Gb service. The Fiber 2 Gig service is officially available in this city.

7. Provo, Utah

Provo, Utah, is among the early cities to get the Fiber 2Gb service. If you live here, check for availability on the Fiber 2Gb website.

8. Nashville, Tennessee

When Google Fiber 1Gb launched, it was available in this city. Now, existing and new customers can upgrade to the 2Gb tier.

9. Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville, Alabama, also got the 1Gb tier, and now, residents of the city can upgrade to the 2Gb tier.

Google Fiber 2 Gig Pricing

Google Fiber 2Gb is available at $100, while the 1Gb plan is still $70. According to Google’s estimates, with Fiber 2Gb, you can download a 2.5-hour 1080p movie in just 28.5 seconds, while it would take just 1.2 minutes to download a 4K movie. That’s very impressive, and for gamers? The Fiber 2Gb plan is just superb.

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But did you need 2Gbps speed?

While average Internet speed falls under 50Mbps, For Most people, 100Mbps speed is more than enough. 1Gbps speed is far better, and most of us didn’t need that much speed. But When you are a Media Artist, YouTuber, Device Firmware maker, You have to deal with large data. You can’t wait for hours to download or upload GB of content. For that kind of person, 2Gbps will be useful. When you have a Smart Home and many Smart Devices, It is better to use a high-speed internet data connection.

Wrap Up

Compare with other ISPs; Google Fiber gives a better price. Because they don’t confuse people with lots of plans in a different tier. There is only one plan under 1Gbps for $70. Also, Google didn’t change the price often. The problem is Google Fiber is not available in all regions. They are still working to give wide coverage areas. But When you are in supporting locations, It is better to upgrade to a 2 Gig plan when you are a frequent gamer or Prefer Online Gaming like Google Stadia with additional Home Security systems and Stream Devices like Chromecast. You may not experience lag even if you use all devices at once with Google Fiber 2 Gig plan.

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