Snapchat announced Pixy Mini Drone for $260

When they gain more users, software companies begin to release some hardware products to make the users stay in their ecosystem or platform. But, In reality, there is always a gap between the software companies’ products and the experts in it. Because most products are gimmicks and useless in real life, They are not getting much attention. Recently, Snapchat announced Pixy Mini Drone for $260. But, unlike other products, It is helpful for most of the Creators on Snapchat. Since It can track and follow you without additional controls, It will be a useful Vlogger. There is no available physical product currently. Snapchat promises 11-12 weeks of shipping for the Pixy product.
Snapchat Plex Drone Flying in the Air

Snapchat Pixy Mini Drone

Pixy is a small drone and can serve as a camera’s sidekick when you don’t have someone to record your videos. It’s bright yellow and will be sold throughout the U.S. and France for $229.99.

This Pixy It’s not a vast, noisy piece of plastic as we’ve seen from drone makers such as DJI (via TechCrunch). Instead, it’s a compact portable device with four tiny propellers. It’s about the size of the palm of your hand and weighs only 101 grams. There’s no controller, nor even an SD slot. Instead, camera controls let you control the direction the drone can fly and the photos and videos saved to your Memories within Snapchat. Snapchat app.


Snapchat Pixy Cameras

Pixy is capable of recording 2.7K video and 12-megapixel photographs. In a single charge, you’ll be able to record anywhere from up or eight flights. It’s incredibly light since it weighs just 101 grams with a rechargeable battery.

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How does Pixy work?

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Pre-configured flight paths come with the normal floating mode, a choice to fly around you and follow you while you run or walk. When you’re ready to end your recording, put your hand under the drone, and it will rest in your palm. Expect to run between five and eight flights for battery life before your battery runs out.

How do you use video after Pixy shoots it?

When the drone is finished recording a video, the drone can launch Snapchat on your smartphone. It will wirelessly transfer the videos from your flights to your mobile. As a default, they’re saved within Your Snapchat Memories.

If you’re acquainted with Snapchat’s editing capabilities, it is possible to utilize similar editing features to edit the Pixy videos. It is also possible to apply the effect to the videos you upload, including Hyperspeed, Bounce, Orbit 3D, and Jump Cut. Of course, you’ll be able to view the videos later and edit them, share them with friends and even share them with others.

Does it work as an ordinary Drone?

The Pixy isn’t a replacement for a real drone for you. Still, if you only need to upload photos and videos from unique angles on your Facebook and Twitter accounts and you aren’t interested in the prosumer drones — it appears to be a good choice. It has a carry strap that allows you to take it everywhere you travel.

Availability and Price

The Pixy for $230. you can also purchase an external battery charger (coming with two batteries) at $20, which brings the total to $250. It will be available to buy in both the US and France, and you can sign up for updates on the Pixy website.

Wrap Up

The success of any product is it should resolve the real-life difficulties. Handling mobile with a selfie stick is not convenient for most users. Also, We can’t adjust the mobile during the shoot and photos captured. With the help of Snapchat Plex, Vloggers can easily stream their lifestyle to their followers. Also, It is easy for people to take group photos, and the members don’t need to split themself to take others’ photos. What are your thoughts about Snapchat Plex? Share your thoughts below.

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