How to Sync Wordle Across Different Devices?

Sometimes when people love the idea, It can become viral. Many videos, posts, and games have become popular in past years. In recent days, Wordle has become popular among people. Even though it is not an Action or high graphics game, it is a fundamental UI word puzzle game. Since it is exciting and engaging, people loved it. Since the developer had no idea to create a commercial product, He limited the features. But after New York Times acquired the platform, They made a few helpful things for all. Now we can Sync Wordle Across Different Devices with new Sign up and Log-in options.
Wordle Signup and Log In Macbook

New York Times – Wordle Acquisition

The New York Times acquired the Wordle word game, quickly becoming a viral success. Today announced that Wordle would become part of The New York Times portfolio, but Wordle will remain free to download.

According to the announcement, the New York Times paid an undisclosed sum in the low seven figures to acquire Wordle. Josh Wardle, a Brooklyn-based software engineer, was the first to develop the game. Wordle was originally an independent project but was bought by The New York Times early this year. The Wordle game has “tens to millions” users, which is excellent news for everyone. Wordle is a fun word game, but losing your progress is not. Players can now keep their progress regardless of the device they use.

Wordle Sync across devices with Signup & Login Page

Wordle Sync Across Devices with Account Log- In

Wordle now supports the ability to sync progress across multiple devices. It was initially designed to work on one device. Everything is saved to your smartphone if you start with it. You also lose your progress if you lose, reset, or replace the smartphone.

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Wordle is reportedly launching account integration with The New York Times this weekend. The login option is now available on multiple devices. It appears under your record in the stats screen. You can log in with an existing New York Times account or create a new one with Google/Facebook/Apple sign-in.

Wrap Up

Since Wordle has a vast user base, the developer does not intend to make this a profitable app. But after New York Times was acquired, it had the potential to maintain a vast database. Worlde gamers love words, Which is a benefit for the New York times to target the audience for their sales. Beyond all intentions, Wordle sync across devices is an excellent use for all users. Did you try out the profile login and test the sync stats? Share your experience below.

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  1. Whey New York Times acquire, I Fear, They are going to make it commercial and ruin everything. But, They done the great job. Now, I can play in My office too with same stats..:)

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