Google Tablet will support USI Standard Accessories

Like Type-C Cable, Universal Stylus Initiative wants to support all touch-related Drawing and other devices to support ordinary Stylus and Drawling Accessories. Lots of Device manufacturers have already joined this initiative. So, You can use any USI accessories in any USI supporting display. Now, Google Tablet will also use USI Standard Accessories. This is not a surprise. Google already joined this initiative a while ago. Also, Google got support for Stylus Pens too.
USI Pen Draw in Chromebook

Universal Stylus Initiative

The Universal Stylus Initiative aims to develop a universal standard for digital writing instruments so that all USI-certified accessories can be compatible with any tablet approved to the consortium’s standards. The initiative is currently up with version 2.0 (released in February), which supports charging wirelessly digital pencils instead of using a USB-C port or replacing the alkaline battery that older pens require.

Google already joined USI

Google became a member of the Universal Stylus Initiative back in 2018, which came out with two guidelines on how active styluses should be constructed and behave. Version 2.0 was already available from the day that was the end of February, with the main enhancement being the inclusion of to use of NFC to charge the stylus wirelessly. Connect it to Magnets on the tablet and the pen, and you’ll have to charge technology already present with HP’s Chromebook x2 11. HP Chromebook 2 11.

Google Pixel Tablet got USI certification

Google Tablet USI certification List

On the stage, Google did not say “Pixel tablet” aloud. Due to “Pixel” and “tablet” not appearing side-by-side in the written word and we don’t know whether “Pixel Tablet” is the official brand name. The USI appearance doesn’t provide evidence to support the naming or verify that the image Google displayed at I/O 2022 is the same as what appears on the list of certified devices. However, Google has only made an official device.

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Google Tablet only will release in 2023

It’s a bit odd that Tangor appears within a certified database, especially since the Pixel tablet isn’t scheduled to be released until 2023. (Google updated the list in January of this year as per, and the post-IO introduction is expected.) The USI support is the first for Android However; some third-party devices are bound to surpass Google in the market.

Wrap Up

When you fall under the standard category, there will be a loss of support; accessories and easy to repair features will happen. What if Google Pixel Tablet only supports Stylus Pens from Google Only. They can set a price at any high. Since Stylus Pens are easy to damage and lose, It makes the situation worst. Also, Not all Artists are comfortable with other USI accessories. When particular artists stick with the perfect pen, they will stick with it forever. Even a slight difference in the pen can affect their comfortable. So, Getting USI certifications is an essential thing for Google Pixel Tablet. What are your expectations for Google Tablet? Do you think Google can make better sales with it? Share your thoughts below.

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