Wordle is only available as a Website, Stay Away from Apps

If you came across Twitter or any other Social profiles, you might wonder why people suddenly share the screenshots or scores of their Word Cross game. It is a new game trending among people who give a day challenge solve words. But, The creator doesn’t create this platform money-oriented. He made this game for his partner, and you know when a medium becomes famous, many Clone apps will rise. Since Wordle is only available as a website, It becomes more convenient for Clone apps developers to create many counterfeit apps in both Play Store and Apple App Store. Both Google and Apple try their best to takedown those apps. But as a user, You should always stay away from those apps.
Wordle Game Website in Mobile

What is Wordle Game?

You’ve likely noticed that your Twitter timeline is covered in yellow, green, and grey squares if you’ve been following along on Twitter. Wordle is a free word game that allows you to guess the correct word every day. It gives you six attempts or less. The game is everywhere. It has grown from a few users to hundreds of thousands in just a few weeks, despite being free to play and created by Josh Wardle (a Brooklyn software engineer) for his partner. Wordle is a standout in an era of in-app purchases, loot boxes, and advertising. It can be played on a simple website and does not require you to download an app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

How to Play Wordle?

Wordle Game Instructions Screenshot

Wordle is a challenge to players to identify a five-letter word within six guesses. It’s accessible through a free website, but it doesn’t have a smartphone app. Each day, a new puzzle is published.

  • If one of the letters is present in the word for that day but is in the wrong spot, the letters turn to gold.
  • If they’re in the right spot, They turn green.
  • When they’re not in the same sense, they become grey.
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Genuine Wordle and Its Copies

Wordle is a popular game that is available as a Website app. Wordle is a web-based app and not a download from a store. This makes sense since it was created as a hobby project, and Wordle is a fun, simple game that wasn’t designed to make money. However, some developers are making exact copies of Wordle to make money, just as Wardle did.

Zach Shakked cloned the entire game down to its user interface and uploaded it to Apple’s App Store began to charge $30 per year to access a game that was meant to be free. Google Play, the Android equivalent, had two Wordle games, but they were not identical. It is unlikely that the name or design is trademarked.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Wrap Up

The takeaway from here is the Clone apps of Wordle Game may or may not have better features. But the purpose of any Clone apps is to make quick money and run from the app. So, there won’t be any regular updates, and the money you spend may not be helpful for you in the future. Also, The app may takedown at any time. So, It is always wise to stay away from those apps. When it comes to game-related topics, We always search in the famous App Store; Some Developers use this loophole to create Wordle-like apps and get our money. Did you play the Wordle Game on your mobile browser? What is your price with Gaming? Share your thoughts.

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