Telegram Premium with Exclusive Features and Stickers is coming

If you notice, we use most of the messengers for free. Some mun-popular messengers use fulls screen ads or link ads to earn money. But popular Messenefrs like WhatsApp and Telegram don’t have those Ads in their app. WhatsApp is running with Facebook Meta backup money. Telegram runs with some organizations and investors’ money. As of Now, Telegram doesn’t run any Ad based learning methods. In the long run, None of the companies can work like it. They should somehow earn from their platform. Now, as some trusted sources and code strings, Telegram Premium with exclusive features and stickers is coming. So, The regular Free plan works like usual, and this new paid plan will have exclusive features.
Telegram App in the Android Apps Screen

Telegram Free Forever slogan dropped.

Telegram Premium is being developed, and a test Version of Telegram Premium has provided us an idea of what we can expect from it, such as individual responses and even stickers. The code for a new release of the Telegram application has been discovered in which it has removed that tagline to let users know that it’s not free forever.

Telegram Free Forever Slogan Drop

Telegram Premium version

As reported on Twitter by Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile developer, and leaker, the new data strings have provided us with an overview of the page that could be in the recent release of the application and significantly alters the text. The page now reads, “Telegram offers free cloud storage for media and chats.” The company hasn’t said anything about subscriptions in particular; however, we’re aware that this is likely because Telegram is set to unveil its Premium version.

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Telegram Premium Plan Sticker

There’s no hint to users about the launch of this slogan on the application. It could be an upcoming update when Telegram Premium is revealed. The company is likely to generate an announcement instead of maintaining the focus on itself.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Why is Telegram introducing a Paid plan?

The motives behind this move are pretty evident. Telegram isn’t the only one, and it certainly isn’t the last one seeking to develop a paid subscription plan. The company has been studying various ways to make money since the latter half of 2020. When it comes to Social media and messaging, the whole thing began by introducing Twitter and its Blue Paid Subscription plan. There are now reports that suggest a paid WhatsApp plan for business accounts. At present, Telegram has joined the ranks that offer paid subscriptions. The truth is that the top messengers are searching for other ways to earn money from their platform.


We’re not yet sure what time this new phrase will be available on the app, but it could be an update it comes with at the time that Telegram Premium is released. It’ll require some time before Telegram will announce it as important news to all users.

Wrap Up

Ads and Messengers are like opposite sites. You can put ads on common platforms like video watching or posts sharing platforms. But when you put Ads in between the Personal chat screens, It will look like they are eavesdropping on us. So, The separate paid plans make sense. It is an initial setup. Or Telegram may introduce additional plans for Businesses like WhatsApp Business. Veen Twitter has already announced the Twitter Blue platform. But, instead of new stickers and gimmick makeup, They should provide solid features to make users consider the paid plan. What are your thoughts about Telegram Premium Plan? Share it below.

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