You can get up to $1000 offer when you trade in for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

When it comes to attracting users in terms of cost, Samsung always does its best to provide better prices with options like Trade-In and Free Accessories. Samsung launched S22 Ultra in February 2022. Still, now, It is one of the best mobile available. You can get up to a $1000 offer when you trade in for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Yes, As you know, all mobiles are not eligible for the $1000 offer. But At least you can get from $300-500 range for regular mobiles. When you trade-in your S21 Ultra in good condition, You can get the highest $1000 offer.
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra locked Screen in Hand

$1000 offer when you trade-in for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung will offer you a free $1,000 today when you trade in a Galaxy S21 Ultra for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The twist is that the S21 Ultra can have a damaged screen, but they’ll still consider it in exchange for $1000. Also, the discount kicks from today and not at a later time by way of a gift card or a refund.

Additional Offers: $100 off

In conjunction with Samsung’s Memorial Day weekend sale, they’re offering 100 dollars in credit and a discount of $1,000. You can spend this credit on accessories like brand new Galaxy Buds or a Galaxy Watch.

When you apply to receive credit at the checkout process, Samsung typically tries to provide additional discounts on their products to attract customers further. For instance, you can find that the Galaxy Watch 4 is down to $175, and you’ll get a $100 credit. You can put the Galaxy Watch 4 on your wrist for just $75.

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For other phones, if you don’t need Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung offers discounts of up to $900 on the Galaxy S22+ with a trade-in of as much as $700 off the Galaxy S22. The same offer as above is available, in which you can trade in a smartphone with a damaged screen and receive an exclusive discount.

Trade-in Eligible mobiles and Offer Price


  • Galaxy S21 Ultra $1000
  • Galaxy Z Fold3 $975
  • Galaxy Note 20 5G Ultra $800
  • Galaxy Z Fold2 $775
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra $725
  • Galaxy S21+ $650


  • Pixel 5 $330
  • Pixel 4 XL $130
  • Pixel 4 $95
  • Pixel 3a XL $65
  • Pixel 3 $20


  • OnePlus 9 Pro 5G $275
  • OnePlus 9 5G $235
  • OnePlus 8 Pro $205
  • OnePlus 9R $165
  • OnePlus 8T $155
  • OnePlus 8T+ $140


  • iPhone 13 Pro Max $495
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max $495
  • iPhone 13 Pro $450
  • iPhone 12 Pro $450
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max $445
  • iPhone 12 $420

How to Claim up to $1000 offer in Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Purchase

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra $1000 Offer Trade-in Screenshot

  • Visit Samsung Galaxy Store and Choose S22 Ultra.
  • Select your desired color and Storage options.
  • In the Trade-In option, choose the mobile you want to trade in; you will get the reduction amount based on your mobile.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Wrap Up

Did you plan to buy Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with a $1000 Trade-In offer? When it comes to Trade-In offers, You may not get the best price per the market. But, Samsung always tries its best to keep up the excellent exchange price per the mobile models. They even include entry-level and mid-range mobiles too. When you have already committed to any mobile plans, Check if your carrier allows you to Upgrade Plans. Most of the time, you can upgrade any mobile after 18 months or 50% of your total mobile price. Share your thoughts below.

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