Customizable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition available from $350 with Free Galaxy Buds 2

After mobile companies focus more on the specs, They slowly stick with the brick design. Most techies feel bored with the traditional methods, and they expect companies to come with rollable displays or flip. Some companies come with the prototype, and we know they can’t mass-produce the product. But, After Samsung begins to release the foldable mobiles, We see, They will go to successor versions. Samsung keeps releasing next-gen versions in both Foldable and Galaxy Flip phones. To enhance the fun of using flip phones, Samsung announced the customizable Bespoke Edition in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. With the Holiday offer, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition is available from $350 with Free Galaxy Buds 2.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition Colors

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition

This Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Custom Edition is a variation that is a variant of Galaxy Z Flip 3. You can select your colors for the same reason as Moto Maker but Samsung. There are five colors for the bottom and top rear panel and silver or black frames. In total, there are 50 distinct colors.

The phone is pretty good, and it’s not just that. When you purchase the Bespoke Edition, you pay for the personalization in addition to the novelty of a foldable phone; however, it’s still a lot cheaper than the Fold 3 that, at MSRP, costs almost twice the amount this bundle currently. It’s also a far less “normal” device as it folds down into a regular phone, not the tiny tablet, which means it’s not as steep an initial learning curve.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition available from $350 with Free Galaxy Buds 2 and Wireless Charger

Instead of being restricted to the default color options, You can combine and mix the frames or back glass for a unique look. The latest offer is in since you can get a discount of $150 off the price and get an additional $650 when you trade in your preferred model (iPhone mobiles get better Trade-In offers). And, even better, Samsung is throwing in the Galaxy Buds 2 in either Lavender or Olive, which will save you an additional $150. And for extra fun, Samsung will include an unpaid wireless charger to top everything.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition Offer

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Thus, in all, you’ll be able to purchase one of the top Android phones of this year, featuring the capacity of 256GB storage and in color you prefer, and Samsung Galaxy Buds 2, and all for only 350 dollars. This is one of the most attractive deals we’ve seen for this phone that even beats the deals we saw during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 For $350

Wrap up

The customizations don’t offer substantial color changes. It only provides limited color choices. But, The combinations make them a huge list. Also, You can choose between a silver or black frame. Instead of going with the same color options, The style customizations will give a feel to us that, It is our mobile. Beyond all the customizations and designs, We can get a mobile for only $350, and a free Galaxy Buds 2 and Wireless Charger is a huge deal. When you trade in the iPhone lineup, You can get huge discounts compared with Android mobiles. Did you plan to buy Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition? Share your thoughts below.

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