Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve expected Specs, Design, and Price

Many manufacturers can create fitness bands at affordable prices. But, It can’t give full features like a real Smartwatch. Also, Wearing fitness and in all situations may not look good. It will not match with your daily activities. But, the Smartwatch is not cheap. When you notice the price of Moto and Samsung Smartwatches, you can see the cost is too high. You can even buy an upper mid-range mobile for that price. When you planned to purchase affordable Smartwatch, We have good news for you. Soon, Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve maybe Globally launched for around $100. It may not give all features like Samsung Galaxy Watch, But it can be a better Smartwatch that can fulfill your basic needs.
Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Revolve on the Camera Tripod

Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve leak confirmed the Global launch.

Recently leaked Mi Fitness app add-on devices screenshot reveal there will be a new Mi watch for a Global market. It looks moreover like a Mi Watch color. That variant already exists in some regions. So, Xiaomi may launch the same option in the name of Mi Watch Revolve for the Global market. The guy who got the watch from Aliexpress said that he got it for around EUR 90. So, The global price range can be around $100-120. Xiaomi always gives substantial discounts when they produce the products in a massive volume. Since it can cover the Global regions, they can provide the watch for $100. But, It may vary depending on the area and taxes. In Europe, mobile and electronic accessories prices are high compare with other countries.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve in Mi Watch App

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As per the leaked screenshot, Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve added along with Mi Watch(which is Wear OS-based), Redmi Band, and Mi Smart Band 4C. Some leaks tell that the Smart Band 4C may launch as Redmi band in some countries along with Mi Watch Revolve.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve expected Specs and Design


The Design falls between Samsung Galaxy Watch type look and regular Analog watch style. It comes in different colors and replaceable strips. So, you can change the stripes as per your dress style. It has two analog controls. In the back, it has a heart rate sensor with charging PIN. Moreover, it is not a complete Apple watch copy. We can find it as a different when place with other Smartwatches.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Revolve Front and Back Side

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders


Last year Xiaomi launched Mi Watch Color. The upcoming Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve can be the same watch with slightly modified Softwares as per the country standards.

  • The watch may have a circular 1.39-inch Gorilla Glass 3 454×454 AMOLED display.

  • It is available in a lot of vibrant colors and sold at the same price.

  • The watch may come with 512MB RAM and 2GB Memory.
  • Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve is fully waterproofed (5ATM- 50 meters in 10 minutes).

  • May integrates some of the pay apps so you can quickly pay for the stuff you bought.

  • It comes with Multi-function NFC support.
  • 420mAh battery with 14 days standby time.
  • It has Ten different sports mode and natural fitness tracers like step counter, exercise tracking, sleep tracking, and heart rate monitor.
  • You can customize this Smartwatch in different ways; the straps can be easily swapped, and there are tons of watch faces you can use to change the default.

Other Features

  • The watch is in-built with Bluetooth 5.0. In Bluetooth calling, you can attend the calls, get reminders.
  • You can check Messages and supporting apps notifications(Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, QQ, Skype, Twitter, Wechat, Weibo, WhatsApp).
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What are the features missing from Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve compare with Other Smartwatches

This Smartwatch is not a standalone type like Samsung Galaxy Watch. It has its limitations. I try to cover what are the constraints of the features of this watch.

  • There is no separate mobile connectivity. It means it needs mobile connectivity to get notifications. Other Smart Watch like Galaxy watch, is different where you can have its eSIM.
  • The notifications features are limited. It doesn’t support all apps, and you can’t reply in some messages.
  • It does not support wireless charging. So, You have to stick with the private charging dock for this watch.
  • The payment methods are limited. In Mi Watch Color, they didn’t support third-party payments. It is limited to Alipay. So, the refreshed version may not have other payment support.
  • Custom Skin UI- Xiaomi phones and accessories have their unique UI. Some users don’t prefer customized skin OS. So, They prefer using Pixel Experience ROM by rooting. Wear OS icons have suitable pixels and Design compare with Mi Watch.

Wrap Up

When the price is low, It has its downsides. They have to limit the features as per the price range. So, there will be some compromise. Most of the Smartwatch users always use their device to get notifications while driving or for fitness purposes. The users who use standalone eSIM is less. So, Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve can satisfy most of the users with its price range and enough specs and features. If you think the other Smartwatches can be costly. But the truth is they are not. Wear OS-based Smartwatches are available from $200. So, It is your choice. Based on your requirement, you can go for Waer OS-based watched or Enough features bundled Xiaomi Mi Watch. What do you think about the specs and features? Did you feel it is a good value for the price range? Comment below.

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