OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro India Price is $150 less than the International Regions

OnePlus is considered as the budget premium flagship. Any manufacturer can claim the budget flagship phones with its flagship-level processor. But, All mobiles can’t give a premium look and worthy like Samsung, Google. OnePlus always in the middle of upper mid-range and the Top-level mobiles due to no wireless charging and IP rating. This year 2020, OnePlus become real flagship with complete features like IP rate and Wireless charger. Mobile worth is based on specs and price ratio. OnePlus always win in this case. But, It is not the same in every country after OnePlus expand their sales to all countries. Due to Tax and Import charges, OnePlus mobiles price sometimes doesn’t make sense when it is compared with India, China’s price range. Recently released OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro India price range is approx less than $150 compared with most of the countries.
OnePlus 8 on the Wooden table with D Brand Qube

Why OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro India Price is less than the International Regions?

Not OnePlus other than International brands like Samsung, Google, and Sony price are moreover like these stats. But, the amount does not vary this much. UK region mobile rates are always high compare with any other countries due to tax and additional charges. Other than OnePlus mobiles, all other manufacturer mobile rates are reverse in India. Example- Google pixel and iPhone mobile rates are high in India compare with other areas. The following are the different prices of OnePlus 8 from other countries.

OnePlus 8 Price range

We can understand from the above price list that the range varies from $120-160. The basic OnePlus 8 (8GB+128GB) costs INR 44,999, and Top model (12GB+256GB) costs INR 49,999. In the conversion, it is approx USD 585 and USD 650. In the UK you have to pay an extra £120 for the basic model. The pro version rates are moreover the same as this different price range.

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When the customer doesn’t know about the price range, it will not bother. But, When you have little knowledge about these stats most of the time, you will consider other choices. To convince US users with this price range, carrier-locked OnePlus 8 mobile comes with a 12GB+256GB variant and an IP rating with a price range of $799. Currently, there is no carrier-locked Pro version for US customers. You can buy an unlocked version, But It won’t work with Verizon wireless 5G Ultra Wideband.

What can we do in the OnePlus price range difference?

Every mobile has its own story. OnePlus always a user-friendly mobile in both price and quality. Even if they get mixed reviews, In the year-end, it got the best mobile name in every discussion. In the case of a price difference, we can’t do more on the customer side. Every country has it’s own rules and corporate ethics. OnePlus has its factory in India. Wherever the company has, it’s a vast factory, the price for that particular product will be less in those areas. Due to shipping and other import duty charges, The price will be high in other areas.

Utilizing offers available in your region is the best idea to compensate for the price range. In US carriers like T-Mobile and Verizon give the best suggestions like exchange value, New connection, and monthly payment based offers. T-Mobile now has expanded 5G connection. Even if it is mmWave based 5G, It is better than limited coverage like other mobile operators. Purchasing unlocked mobiles doesn’t help you to get what you want.

Wrap Up

Most of the persons complain about this vast price difference in many forums and social platforms. Yes, I Know, Even a $30-50 difference can make our decision to change. But What I am saying is based on your area price, choose the best for your already fixed rate. If OnePlus 8 is available for $799 in your country and you feel it is worthy, you can buy it. Compare with any other manufacturers coming to After-sales support, community, and software support with Oxygen OS OnePlus is a great choice. Also, the specs of the Snapdragon 865 processor with 8-12GB RAM, 90Hz fluid display makes it worth the rate. But, Due to this price difference, some of the users always go for other mobiles. What are your thoughts on the price variation? Comment below.

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