Sony Playstation Launcher for PC like Steam coming

The success of any company always depends on how they adapt themself to the latest technologies and user needs. When you are adamant and force users to adapt to your system, They will begin integrating with the alternatives in the long run. Unlike PC gaming, Console gaming is simple and easy to set up. That’s why most regular users always prefer console games. But, The recent Cloud gaming platforms are slowly becoming a threat to these consoles. Instead of paying the console and games for $9.99/mo, You can access a bunch of games, and you don’t need any additional setups. So, to adapt to trends, Sony already introduced PC remote play, allowing us to play games when the PlayStation is on. They have already begun to release PC versions of Games too. Now, Sony Playstation Launcher for PC like Steam is coming.
Sony Playstation Launcher for PC like Steam coming

Sony Playstation Launcher for PC

Sony has been wading into the sweet waters of PC gaming with real intent over the past few years with some perfect ports of PlayStation-exclusive hits, including Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, and–coming soon-Uncharted. It could be about to get deeper with its game launcher: VGC reports that references to a PlayStation PC launcher were found in the files of the PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Why does Sony need PlayStation Launcher?

Sony could release a PlayStation PC Game Launcher. Launchers are front-end programs that allow you to launch different games from various publishers. Sony has not yet commented on this, so it is unclear what it means for future PlayStation games on PC.

Sony Playstation PC Launcher Concept Image

Launchers can also be used as a shopfront for games in some cases. GOG Galaxy, Epic Games Store, EA’s Origin, and Ubisoft Connect (a.k.a. All publisher-managed PC Game Launchers are Uplay and Bethesda Launcher. The Rockstar launcher is required to launch the Grand Theft Auto V or Red Dead Redemption II PC versions, regardless of whether copies were purchased through Steam or EGS.

Sony PlayStation PC Games

Sony Amazing Spiderman PS5 and PC Compare Screenshot

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Sony’s PlayStation PC ports do not require a PlayStation PC Game Launcher or a PSN account at the moment. Marvel’s Spider-Man integrations are perhaps optional. Sony may add an account requirement in the future. However, any predictions are only speculation at the moment.


Last year would bring “a whole list” of games to the PC. According to their announcement, they are in the process of getting “a whole slate” of games to PC. We may see Alpha and Beta versions within 2023 End, as it is still in an early stage.

Wrap Up

Compared with any Sony products, Their PlayStation Console business is unbeatable now. They don’t want to lose the company with the latest trends surpassing them. Instead of working against it, they can get more sales and success when they make hands with it. Even though Cloud games look like a failure, It is the future, and it is a long run. PC game release and launcher won’t affect the console buyers. Instead, it will increase the sale.s Because console and PC gamers are different. What are your thoughts about Sony Playstation PC Launcher? Share it below.

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