Sony PlayStation Spartacus Game Pass may Stars from $10/Month

Leading companies dealing with hardware and software-related products fail when they ignore the software category. If you notice, Samsung mobiles struggle a lot with their Old UI, and users begin to move towards Stock Android or OnePlus Oxygen OS. But after the One UI release, Samsung again gets more users. Even though Sony has competitors like Xbox, PlayStation has its user base. But, Sony has some complicated subscription ideas. Compared with Xbox plans, Sony Plans are different, and the Game Studios have begun to release their separate monthly plans. It is not suitable for the platform in the long term. So, Sony plans to integrate unique strategies that users can benefit from all perspectives. The project is called Spartacus. Some Inside news suggests Sony PlayStation Spartacus Game Pass may Stars from $10/Month.
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Sony Game Pass Idea

According to people familiar with Sony’s ideas and files, the PlayStation division is considering a new subscription service to compete with Microsoft Corp.’s famous Xbox Game Pass. Because you get all Game Pass games (including old Microsoft exclusives) and the option to play all Sony exclusives on the same platform, PlayStation becomes the “best” place to subscribe to Game Pass.

As per the sources, the Spartacus service will allow PlayStation consumers to pay a monthly membership for access to a library of new and old titles. They sought to remain anonymous since they weren’t authorized to speak to the press about the plans.

Sony PlayStation Spartacus Game Pass

The product will most likely be accessible on the PlayStation 4, which has sold over 116 million units. Its exclusive successor, the PlayStation 5, was released over a year ago, but it is still tough to procure due to supply chain constraints. The service will bring together Sony’s two existing subscription services, PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, when it launches in the spring. Most online multiplayer games require PlayStation Plus, which provides free monthly updates, while PlayStation Now allows gamers to watch or download older titles. Sony plans to preserve the PlayStation Plus logo but phases off PlayStation Now.

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Microsoft’s Game Pass, dubbed the Netflix of video games, has over 18 million subscribers. In recent years, Xbox has centered its entire strategy around the service, releasing all of its internally released games that will be available on Game Pass as soon as they’re ready. Xbox has also made significant acquisitions to expand the Game Pass catalog, such as Bethesda Softworks, for $7.5 billion last year.

Spartacus Game Pass Plans

Spartacus’ details aren’t finalized yet, but documentation is described like a three-tiered service. The first would offer all existing PlayStation Plus capabilities. The second would include many PlayStation 4 and, later, PlayStation 5 games.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Sony PlayStation Spartacus Game Pass Plans

  • Essential Level-$10 per Month is required.
  • Extra Level – $13 per Month.
  • Premium- Monthly fee of $16.

A PlayStation official did not respond to a request for comment pretty quickly. The Essential tier will provide all of the benefits of a regular PlayStation Plus subscription. The third tier would offer extended demonstrations, game streaming, and a library of older PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games. These are the standard 3-4 monthly games that users can download and access online multiplayer games capabilities.

For $16 per month, you can get all of the above plus everything more with PS+ Premium. PS Now’s streaming features are included with everything else. There’s also a new “game trials” function, as well as a library of “vintage games.”

In recent years, Xbox has centered its entire strategy around the service, releasing all of its internally published titles on Game Pass as soon as they’re available. Xbox has also made significant acquisitions to expand the Game Pass catalog, such as Bethesda Softworks, for $7.5 billion last year.


Spartacus is entering a testing phase for Sony in the coming weeks. It may also reveal the details of its new membership program in March, depending on whether it is ready to launch the service.

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Wrap Up

Everything related to software services now comes as a monthly subscription plan. But when you provide subscription-based programs, It should offer more value. The existing PS Plus subscription offers two free games per Month another additional feature like Online Play. The new Sony PlayStation Spartacus Game Pass Plans can justify the monthly subscription. But, Sony needs to provide more features in the upcoming months. At the same time, Cloud gaming like Google Stadia and Amazon Luna is growing day by day. Sony needs to understand its future and work towards saving its products. What are your thoughts about the new Sony PlayStation plans? Share your thoughts below.

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