Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E Router price will be $400 for 3-Pack

Even though you have a better Internet Service provider and your nearby devices are working better, You can’t expect the same speed and reliability all over your home. Since we can’t always use Wired connections, Wi-Fi always becomes handy. But, Wi-Fi can be affected by many factors, including distance and obstacles. Fortunately, we can improve our Wi-Fi range using Wi-Fi-enhancing devices. Google Nest Wi-Fi routers look great in design and performance among many available devices. It is easy to set up. Since Google released the latest technology, they didn’t update the device for last year. Wi-Fi 6 is coming; they plan to release Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E Router. There are plenty of Rumours, and Leaks keep coming. As per the Online Store listing, the Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E Router price will be $400 for 3-Pack.
Google Nest Wi-Fi Router Pro Prototype

Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E Router

This tool hit the FCC just over a month ago, and also B&H has currently noted it as the “Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E Router.” The name is presumably simply “Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro,” with the item page confirming using Wi-Fi 6E, the most up-to-date available connectivity requirement that maxes out at 9.6 Gbps in perfect conditions.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E Router  Online Listing Details

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router Pro 6E single Piece Price

Unfortunately, the listings do not contain any photos or specs, but we’re not entirely in the dark here. We formerly saw information for what we expect to be called the “Nest Wi-Fi Pro” in an FCC listing that pointed out Bluetooth Low Power and String mesh networking radios (for Issue), along with 6GHz Wi-Fi 6E support for lowered signal interference and also faster rates.

What is unique regarding Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E?

The core difference between Wi-Fi 6 and 6E is using the third range of transmission capacity, roughly between 6 GHz and 7 GHz. Usually speaking, Wi-Fi 6E should not directly influence the possible rate of your home/office network. Instead, that 6 GHz band is usually much less jampacked, suggesting there’s much less capacity for residence tools to disrupt one another.

Availability and Pricing

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router Pro 6E 3-Pack Price

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

This listing went up before the announcement, and also, B&H states Google’s Nest Wi-Fi Pro is a “New Item– Coming Soon.” It’s anticipated to go for the Made by Google occasion on October 6 with the Pixel 7 as well as 7 Pro, as well as the Pixel Watch.

Wi-Fi 5 on the current Nest router provides approximately 2.2 Gbps rates. A Single Piece Nest Wi-Fi Pro router costs $199 versus $169 for the 2019 Nest Wi-Fi router and $99.99 for the relaunched Google Wi-Fi in 2020. A 2-pack prices $299.99, and also 3-pack is $399.99, while the Nest Wi-Fi Pro is offered in Snow (white), Linen (light brown), Haze (light blue), as well, as Lemongrass (light yellow/green). This color lines up with recent products like the Pixel Buds Pro, Nest Buzzer (battery), and the upcoming Pixel 7. Besides that, we understand nothing else about the physical style.

Wrap Up

Unlike other companies, Google always releases devices according to user needs and avoids unwanted device releases with slight modifications. Google Nest Wi-Fi will be released during 2019-2020. They have kept the Original device listing in the store for nearly two years. Because the upgrade is not needed and it works better with the latest technology. But Since the Wi-Fi 6 is coming and Google Fiber moved from 1Gbps to 2Gbps, Wi-Fi 6 can utilize that much speed with new devices. So They are working on Google Nest Wi-Fi Router Pro 6E. What are your thoughts about the price of the Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro 6E Router? Did you feel the price was worth it? Share your thoughts below.

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