Latest Fitbit App Update Reveals Pixel Watch 24 Hours Battery Life

Google is well known for its software products. So, there is no wonder when they launch any Software related products or updates. But after they begin to sell hardware products, Whenever an information leak happens, it becomes News. There is plenty of leaked information that comes often. After Google launched its in-house processor, Pixel 6 mobile, The hype set for Pixel Watch. But, the Recent Fitbit App Update Reveals Pixel Watch 24 Hours Battery Life for mixed usage. Since it is a smartwatch, unlike Fitbands, One Day battery life is decent. We can’t expect the Pixel Watch to give that much horse in heavy use.
Google Pixel Watch Launch in IO 2022

Google Pixel Watch hints in the Fitbit App

In advance of the release of the Pixel Watch in the coming months, it appears that the Fitbit app is preparing the support the Google Wear OS smartwatch. It’s possibly verifying the battery’s capacity. We’ve known for a long time recently that this Pixel Watch would have some Fitbit integration, such as an emoji-themed watch face. The smartwatch was announced in the event of Google I/O 2022; the company clarified that Pixel Watch would have the complete suite of Fitbit features, such as heart rate monitoring active minutes, heart rate tracking, and sleep tracking.

Battery Life of the Google Pixel Watch

The most recent update to the Fitbit app, version 3.65, comes with new in-app information about the reminders to charge your watch at night to the Pixel Watch. If this new switch is activated, Fitbit will send a message shortly before your “bedtime objective,” reminding you to recharge your watch.

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Fitbit App Screenshots

The notification seems to confirm our assessment regarding the Pixel’s 24-hour estimate of battery lifespan. The Fitbit app should have a minimum of 30% battery before bed. Based on the suggested eight hours of sleep each night, 30 percent of the battery on the Pixel Watch will last at least eight hours of monitoring your heart rate.


Pixel Watch will most likely be revealed in full detail along with the Google Pixel 7 phones which should be unveiled in the coming months, so keep checking our website later for more information.

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Wrap Up

Since Android-related products depend purely on the software experience, Google always works before months of those products. Since the Pixel Watch is a direct competitor with Apple Watch, they must try their best to match the Apple products. Only two results will come from people after Pixel Watch; It works like Apple Watch or not. The Battery life is better in Apple Watch, and they have lots of experience compared with the Pixel Watch 1st Gen. The primary purpose of the watch should give decent battery life. One Day of regular usage, Battery life may not look attractive. But It is a better result for a Smart Watch. What are your thoughts about Pixel Watch battery life? Share your thoughts below.

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