How to Create WhatsApp Video Call Links?

The growth of any platform purely depends on how much it is helpful for users and how the company keeps releasing new updates and features to engage the user in the medium. Even though many Messaging services are available, After In-Built regular SMS, WhatsApp is widely used by most people, including companies. Official companies have begun to send Multimedia Messages through WhatsApp. As per user requests, WhatsApp keeps pushing new features often. Now, WhatsApp Video Call Links are available to invite people to join the meeting. This link can also invite new people, not on your contacts list. It will be helpful for Business support or regular Meetings.
Whatsapp Video Call Links Share in Android Mobile

WhatsApp Video Call Links

Mark Zuckerberg revealed the feature on Facebook. He said that WhatsApp users could share a link to a phone call with just one tap. This was in addition to the announcement of WhatsApp Communities.

WhatsApp Video Calls Links Mark Zukerberg Statement


Call Links will allow for audio and video calls. Zuckerberg confirmed that encryption is being tested for group calls of up to 32 people. This is noteworthy as WhatsApp currently limits video calls to eight users.

There are no restrictions on-call time

Even though Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom. These competitors offer a much higher caller capacity (100 and 300, respectively, for Google and Microsoft Teams and 300 for Zoom). WhatsApp did not mention any call duration restrictions, which could make it one of the best free video calling apps for smaller groups and personal networks when the feature becomes widely available. These restrictions include call duration limitations for free accounts and may not be the first choice of billions of WhatsApp users.

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How to Create WhatsApp Video Call Links?

WhatsApp Create Video Calls Links

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
  • Update your WhatsApp to the latest version.
  • Navigate to Calls> Create Call Link.
  • Share the link using WhatsApp, Email, or other messaging services.


The video calls are end-to-end encrypted. We don’t know what protections WhatsApp has for shared video call links. However, we assume that WhatsApp will share these details once the feature becomes live.

Wrap Up

Still, Most regular users have difficulties using Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams Video calls. From the features, WhatsApp fall between a common Social messaging app and a Business app for Small Business Owners. WhatsApp Video call links will be helpful for Event planning, Get Together planning, and Small Business meetings. WhatsApp should keep pushing features like it often. Did you try WhatsApp Video Calls Links? Does it fulfill your needs? Share your experience.

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