Google Pixel Watch Unboxing Reveals Official Size, Charger, and Fitbit Support

Google already announced and revealed the Prototype designs of the Pixel Watch. Compared with any other product from Google Pixel Watch is always anticipated and creates curiosity in people. While Fitbits are directly dependent on mobiles, Smart Watch should work stand-alone. But, Google Pixel Watch comes in two main variants: LTE and Wi-Fi. Since most places nowadays have Wi-Fi, it is a great choice when you use Smart Watch in Offices, gyms, and other areas. If you mostly stay away from the Internet and your mobile, you can use the LTE option. A recent Reddit post reveals Google Pixel Watch Unboxing Reveals Official Size, Charger, and Fitbit Support.
Google Pixel Watch Green

Ealy Unboxing Pictures of Google Pixel Watch on Reddit

From Reddit: The box is much thicker than initially thought. It’s a smaller Stadia controller box. The Active band is attached to the Pixel Watch. The entire thing is wrapped around a long piece of cardboard that is pill-shaped when viewed sideways. This presentation is traditional and shows the object immediately. It’s done by mechanical watchmakers using a small fabric pillow.

Unboxing Design Reveal

The user claims that the watch is thinner than they expected. The user also claimed that the look was too small to be turned on.

Google Pixel Watch Unboxing Side View

Unboxing shows that the watch was around a piece of cylindrical cardboard and sat on a magnetic charging stick. The cylinder inside the cardboard looks similar to the wire connecting to the charging puck. We can also find the instruction book on the cardboard.

We get two close-up views of the smartwatch, most notably. Despite not having the screen on these images, they still give a good idea of the thicknesses of the bezels.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders
Samsung Galaxy S23 Renders

Specifications Reveal

Google Pixel Watch Box Specs Reveal

Additional unboxing photos show that the Pixel Watch has not been attached to the puck for the USB–C Magnetic Charging Cable. This is located in the hollow space beneath. The “Polished Silver Stainless Steel” version comes with a “Charcoal Active Band.” Both sizes’ details are in the box.

  • Small band for wrists measuring 130-175 mm in diameter.
  • Large band for wrists, 165-210 mm in diameter.
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Pricing and Availability

These photos don’t reveal much, but they give us a good idea of what we can expect from the device. We already know we need a companion app to set up the device. It will integrate with Fitbit and be available alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. The Wi-Fi model may cost $349.99.

Wrap Up

Most people judge the Pixel Watch from its price range. But Google may provide better offers when you buy Pixel Watch with Pixel 7 series. But If they didn’t cut the cost, They should provide better reasons to judge the price. The early unboxing reveals only designs and a few specs. The user didn’t want in-depth on Pixel Watch UI and other features. What are your thoughts about Pixel Watch? Did you plan to buy a Separate Watch or a Pixel 7 bundle? Share it below.

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