Edit option now available in Twitter Blue Labs

One of the things that distinguish Twitter from every platform is the Edit feature. When talking about the Twitter acquisition, Elon Musk said he would bring the Edit option after the purchase. But the contract is dropped. But users still need this feature and have made many requests in the past years. Now, Twitter is testing the Edit option in a few regions. The choice is initially only available to Twitter Blue users. Later it may or may not be available for regular accounts.
Twitter Blue Edit Button

Edit option now available in Twitter Blue Labs

Twitter’s experimental feature allowing you to edit tweets is only available in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Twitter noted in a tweet that Twitter Blue subscribers in the US would be able to edit tweets “soon.”

What will it look like?

We saw last week an example showing how edited tweets should look when the company creates one of its own. A Twitter support document states that the person who tweeted has 30 minutes to make changes but can only make five edits. While the tweet will display, as usual, there will be an icon that shows the last edits. The icon will take you to a page containing the edited tweet and the history of any modifications.

Twitter Blue Edits Screenshot

How to use Twitter Blue?

Click on the pencil icon beside a tweet to see a history of all edits to that tweet. Anyone who tweets has up to 30 minutes to edit the tweet. Users will also be able to make five edits, and a Twitter support guide will be available.

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Pricing and Availability

One of the most requested features is the ability to edit tweets. Twitter announced that it was developing the ability to edit tweets in April. Twitter stated that the feature would be available to users by September. We are now seeing the quality in some areas of the globe, and it will be available in October.

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A support document states that you can only edit certain types of tweets. This includes replies, threads, and pinned tweets. This feature is still being tested and can be found in the Labs section on Twitter Blue, Twitter’s $4.99 per month subscription service.

Wrap Up

The Edit option is better for those who accidentally shared their Tweets. Sometimes, their meaning can be converted into the wrong when they mistype the words. But the edit option also may affect the Trust of the account and the person. So, They can say anything and easily edit the words. Most of the Tweets are like proof of actual events and speeches. So, the Edit option may affect the reputation of Twitter. We still don’t know how they will improve this feature in late years. Did you like the Edit option on Twitter? Share your thoughts below.

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