WhatsApp New Business Subscription plan can connect more than Four Additional Devices

WhatsApp Business is growing day by day with its Trust among people, and they consider it as another official source of contacts through Email, Phone, and Chat. Most Businesses nowadays begin to use WhatsApp as their mandatory interaction platform since it has accessible media and other sharing features. Now, the WhatsApp New Business Subscription plan can connect more than Four Additional Devices. For regular users, WhatsApp allows up to four additional devices that We can use to chat from your number without the need for a primary machine to turn on. It may be helpful for individuals. But when it comes to Small Businesses, they have additional features. So, WhatsApp is planning to provide more devices connection.
WhatsApp End-to-End Encryption Connecting

New WhatsApp Business Subscription plan

WhatsApp is currently working on a new interface for its “Linked device” section, only available to WhatsApp business accounts. WhatsApp has a different description of multi-devices in the revamped interface. They claim that you can connect several devices to the bill so that multiple people within the company can talk to customers in the same chat.

WhatsApp Business Additional Linked Devices

WhatsApp is reportedly working on an updated plan for business accounts to provide a couple of additional features for users, as discovered through the WABetaInfo. One of these features will allow up to 10 devices linked within the account, which is more than the limit currently available — which will allow more users within an organization to have the same tab to communicate with their customers.

Additional Features

The new subscription might include additional options beyond this 10-device limit, but no sign suggests what that could mean. The Android or iOS Versions of WhatsApp Business currently show no visible sign to the public, which means you’ll likely be waiting until it’s available by a later update.

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Businesses with paid or no-cost plans

There’s no indication to suggest that WhatsApp Business may become the whole paid plan because of this new subscription. It’s possible to think of the new program as more like Twitter Blue- a subscription that allows users to access exclusive functions and benefits and be a part of the free version. WhatsApp is a free app that will (hopefully) remain that way.

Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo
Snapchat Pixy Drone Demo

Wrap Up

Currently, WhatsApp Business users use a third-party API support portal to handle WhatsApp customer messages. It is convenient and easy to use from the Support perspective. Direct additional device handling may create chaos in real-time usage. There may be a chance of the same ticket being assigned to a different agent. So, Whatsapp should provide other features to handle those situations. But, From the user perspective, It will help Small Businesses to manage customers. Did you try the new WhatsApp Business Subscription Beta features? Share your experience below.

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