How to Export Google Meet Transcribe into Google Docs?

To Beat Zoom, Google introduced the Meet platform, and they migrated Duo and other alternatives into one. Also, they pushed this feature where it can be helpful. You can easily access Google Meet in lots of other products. But using the feature, You can’t make stay users in the platform. You have to provide more valuable benefits that they can use for their purpose. Recently, Google allowed to Export of Google Meet Transcribe into Google Docs. It will be helpful for both Enterprise and Education level users.
Google Meet Trascribe in Laptop

Google Meet Transcribe into Google Docs

You can now transcribe a Google Meet video meeting into Google Docs. The transcribed file is saved in the host “Meet Recordings” folder in Google Drive, similar to meeting recordings. This feature is only available and accessible via Google Meet on a desktop or laptop. As of now, this feature is only available in English.

Google Meet is one of the most downloaded apps since it replaced it with the Google Duo app for iOS and Android devices. But, Google has stated that the new feature is available via Google Meet to desktop and laptop users and only for English-speaking users. Google claims that the transcription file is stored in the “Meeting recordings” folder in Google Meet. Google Meet app from the associated Google Drive memory.

Google Meet Transcribe Screenshot

What is the function of the Transcriber?

Meetings with around 200 participants, including the host of the meeting, co-hosts, and the person who initiated the transcription, will receive the link to the transcript in their respective email addresses. Another exciting option is the “transcript will automatically be added to the calendar invitation to the meeting.”

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For meetings with more than 200 participants, The transcribe document is available to the meeting’s organizers, hosts, co-hosts, and participants who initiated the transcription. Google states that new transcription files will be developed with the calendar invitation for those who regularly attend frequent gatherings.

How do you enable Transcribe in Google Meet?


This feature is on by default and can control up at the domain, group, or OU level. It is important to note that there isn’t an administrator control available for Google Workspace Business Standard customers.

Go to the Help Center to learn more about switching Meet Transcriptions on and off.
NOTE: For Google Workspace Education users who have a teacher’s license, transcripts will be on by default. If you have the student’s license, these transcripts will default turn off.

Final users

In-domain users can use transcripts if the host management is not in place.
Only co-hosts and meeting hosts can switch on transcripts when the host’s management has been turned active.


This new option is maybe available from the 24th of October. It will be accessible for Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, and Teaching and Learning Upgrade customers. Personal Google account users and other Workspace users aren’t allowed to take advantage of the new feature.

Wrap Up

Google has to keep rolling out new features that make other platform users move to Google products. Since the AI of Google is always way better than their competitors, they should focus much on this area and try to utilize all the platforms as much as possible. Did you try the new Transcribe feature in Google Meet? Even though they can record the stream and save it on their devices for later usage, transcribing helps to find the particular textas or details. Share your thoughts below.

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